Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Smelly Media: It's so obvious, it is not stupid anymore

Meat Prices to Rise

Yesterday I noticed that the price of minced meat already was up 20% compared to last year. That increase slowly crept in, it was silent.

Here is the reason for the coming increase:
The global increase in grain prices was one of the factors causing a rise in production costs.

Cows are supposed to eat grass.
Cows are supposed to graze on grass (hay in winter...)
Cows are designed to eat grass...

Thing is,

I have come to believe through study and research that grains are bad for humans, and grains are one of the destructive elements to have roamed the face of the earth; once they were cultivated in vast monocrop fields where they drain the earth of water and minerals, and let the wind take away the upper crust of fertile land away.

Now we have technology and it is possible to do away with the big agriculture subsidies, eliminate monocrop farming and replace those lands with mixed vegetables, and grazing animals. As shown in africa, letting a herd graze on grass, take a dump and move on, to return later, revives the land; in some cases even resurrects it.

Many deserts on earth used to be wild grasslands and forests, now they are deserts. What happened in between?

Your healthy grains, is what happened.

Healthy grains kills the land. This, is history for the non-brainwashed. Chapter 13: Farming the earth into dust.

Another thing,

Which idiot thought it would be a good idea to allow speculation based on grains? Which idiot let the banks in on the food business in between the farmer, middleman, and the consumer?

I may not be a Christian per se, but there was a reason Jesus acted the way he did.

Banks can buy grain as if it a paper commodity... Wonder why the grain prices are rising?

And the environmentalists... running after biodiesel (not the one from algae)...

You really have nothing to do with the rising grain prices, do you. Putting food in cars rather than on plates. (Still, the effect of banks entering the commodity market is bigger)

But under all lies the fact that we have allowed and payed the food industry to crappify our food.

Raise it the way it was not intended to raised.
Grow it in the way it was not intended to be grown.
Process that what was best left unprocessed.

Grow crap, process the crap out of it and sell crappified crap.

And then wonder why children need diabetes shots at the age of two, and wonder why the kids are running sick for almost all the winter.

Food prices are rising cause the cows eat grain.

Well Sherlock, they were not supposed to eat grain; besides the problems with the CAFOs.

Oh and,

"Replacing industrialized monocrop operations with labor intensive multiplant farms is not feasible"



So Finland had employed 84.000 people in the farming industry in 2010.

How many unemployed are getting paid for doing nothing? 250.000 (combining truly unemployed and the professionally unemployed)

How, is it not a profitable thing:

Instead of paying people to be unproductive,
Unemployment benefits are actually given to be productive?

How much skill does a farm need when the unskilled workers are guided by a knowledgeable farmer?

I am not an economist- But looking at the depressions of the last century and this one, and the deaths due to central planning in the communist realm, my lack of credentials is actually a positive thing compared to the destructions the credentialed have wrought. 

Look at the earth between the Eufrat and Tigris, the vast, fruitful farmlands two thousand years ago, the assumed birthplace of civilization,  look at the Nile area, fruitful farmlands from three thousand years ago.

This is the future of every grain farm that exists today.

One thing that does not change is that the food industry is growing crap, processing the crap out of it, and selling us crappified crap.

But that is not enough,

They also go after farmers who let their animals live a respectable life, feed them food they were made to consume, and treat animals like living beings; and then sell unprocessed real food.


Because healthy real food is a health hazard.

I do not expect the big food to look at the crap they are selling and decide to go the healthy way,

One thing I wish for them, is as Diogenes has said,

"Only stand out of my light"

Or in my words,

"if you ain't refraining from wanting to feed crap to me, at least to not sh%t into my honest farmer's bucket of happy healthy real eggs"

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