Thursday, August 04, 2011

Smelly Media: Racist crime. What is the definition?

HS: Racist crimes decline this year

Police have logged fewer racist crimes at the start of this year than in recent years, according to the newspaper Helsingin Sanomat. Extrapolating from statistics in the first six months of the year, police estimate that 271 racist crimes will be logged this year, which would be fewer than in any year since 2005.
The definition of Racist Crime is what I am curious about.

Does it involve both cases, or is it only Finns on Foreigners crime?

Does Foreigner over Finn crime get categorized as race crime?

What about Foreigner over Foreigner?

What Finns do not see is the extreme dislike some non-Finns have for other various non-Finns.

I.e. The Middle Easterner who instantly buttheaded a drunk Finn who called him Nigger.

His reason as he was asking me for confirmation was that "I am not a f%&king nigger"..; he had no issue with the word nigger. It was a swear word that he uses being used on him that pissed him off, and almost broke the Finn's nose. 

Or the cultural enhancers hanging out in town 24/7, who look at me as if I killed their sheep.... The hatred oozing from their eyes...

Solution: Try to educate Finns into more accepting towards enhanced cultures on steroids. Yup.

Yes, Finns can be obnoxious and also sound racist, or even be racist; but that is nothing compared to what the complaining side does. Just look at honor crimes, and you got the answer to who is more racist.

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