Monday, August 08, 2011

Smelly Media: Nordic cultures defenseless

A culture can defend itself only if it is willing not to tolerate the intolerants.

Wherein "intolerants" are not defined in the same manner as the MultiCulti Cultists and diversity Worshippers define it. "Intolerant" in this sense meaning the people intolerant against the said culture's main values.

A culture whose main value is Multi Culti and Diversity cannot be a culture as MultiCulti and Diversity are in effect culture destroyers; by their basic definition. A culture means something: Hard work, sympathy, empathy, protection, art, love of heritage, a history, tolerance, in some cases intolerance, and so on. Diversity means, diversity at expense of everything else.

Prime Minister Katainen defends Nordic values at scout jamboree

A joint declaration was issued by the three men defending Nordic values and containing a commitment to the welfare state. In their view, the Norwegian terrorist attack was an assault on these values.
The terrorist of Norway said that he supports the Norwegian culture, and I have read parts where he supports the Norwegian culture, and welfare state, before it got hijacked.

I would have liked to hear more about the Nordic values: Hard work, respecting eachother,  respecting the culture and society, respecting the laws, did I mention hard work?, commuity ties, solidarity, in some regions solitutude, the culture of the winter, etc.

“The Nordic countries are among the world’s most open and free nations. Democracy including the freedom of speech and right of expression are at the heart of our society. The Nordic nations express solidarity with the rest of the world, we share our wealth and open our doors to people who flee oppression,” wrote Prime Ministers Katainen, Reinfeldt and Rasmussen.
The nordic countries were among the world's most open and free nations.

Free speech is very fast turning into a joke, and is turning against the indigenous cultures which have no means to defend their existence anymore.

Nordic nations do not total 20.000.000... how will they share their wealth with hundreds millions of oppressed people? How will they open their doors?

Are Nordic Nations willing to commit cultural suicide in order to feel good about helping the oppressed who are being oppressed usually by their own culture, and to get a pack on the back for being so multiculti?

Are Nordic Nations willing to give away their hard earned, with sweat and blood, resources and social achievements; the futures of their children; because being multiculti is "good"?

Is a culture's first order of duty to its own children, or to other's children; usually to their own children's detriment?

The premiers also listed issues that needed particular attention in the future. Top of the list was the need to give support for young people to take part in the development of society. For this reason, they were visiting the scout camp.
Then, you have to allow camps also for the youth that does not believe in multiculti, diversity, marxism, socialism and or communism, etc.

You will not criticize children going to church camps, and you will encourage it.

Speech will remain free.

If a youth can say "The Nordic Culture needs to accept multiculturalism and enrich itself, because look at how rich the other cultures are",

Then another youth should be able to say:

"The Nordic Culture needs not accept multiculturalism as its official religion, our culture is what enabled us to create a civilization in these God forsaken lands of the frozen earth, and, an enrichment will only cause our civilization to decline"

Nowadays, the first kid will get a standing ovation while the second kid will be booed as racist and possibly have the police escort him to a holding cell.

Free speech and encouragement of discussion, 2011. 

In addition, the prime ministers stressed that everyone was responsible for mutual tolerance and for the care of each other.
Unless of course you belong to an ultra sensitive super intolerant group that is demanding tolerance from the tolerant for its unearned sensitivities and unjust and unforgiving intolerance.

Then the tolerant have to bend over backwards; again... again... lower... again...

Saying, "Hey, let the intolerant be returning the favor of tolerance for a sec, please",

Is hate crime.

To be able to survive, tolerance has to mean also tolerating the diverse ideas that the intolerant deem intolerant, and putting checks on what will be intolerated. Otherwise, the intolerant will come to dictate the discourse and the tolerant will be intolerated into oblivion, because they tolerated the irrevocably intolerant.

It is great that the Prime Minister defended the Nordic Culture, that is one step forward; it is just that the Multiculti2000, and Diversity2000 that was defended were not and are not the main part of the Nordic Cultures that created civilizations in these Frozen Earths of the God Forsaken Lands.

Peace, respect, hard work, intellectuality, tolerance, hospitality, helpfulness, charity, freedom of speech and belief;

Wish he would have been more specific on that.


  1. great post. There is no reason nordic countries (or any other country at all) should accomodate all the oppressed in the world, it is an idiotic thought.

  2. Thanks.

    And idiotic thought it is, to the point of becoming (having become) destructive, to the Nordic culture.


    Destructive to my own homeland.