Thursday, September 01, 2011

Tall Ships Day 2 - Consistency not due to Tequila and Gin

Day 1

Day 2 starts with 200 grams of beef and a 330 gram piece of traditional Finnish cheese on the grill... Yup, breakfast.

I shared my half of my cheese with the table and received sausages, bacon and eggs.

The day started with me teaching Finns that their cheese is excellent when grilled.

Day passes with looking at the ships,

Check your ammo before you fire the last two bullets into the loo

I recently started to use lenses, and man is it a difference. To be able to see more than five meters in a bar makes the whole thing different.

But am not still used to the lenses, so they dry up.

Decided to take off the ones that I had  when I came back to MedicineMan's place in the afternoon.

These were the last two of the old pack, but I had 90 brand new unopened lenses in the box in my bag.

So I wake up, take a leak, and put on the right lens.

Must have done something wrong, cause I can't see sh¤t; rub my eyes, look left look right, nada.

Then I look at the pack.

75 indeed.

-7.5 I had, 90 lenses.

-.75, I need. Have 0 lenses. The last two I had, I flushed down the loo two hours ago.

F¤%k. F¤%k. F¤%k.


I am pissed off, but then, I got some more feasting to do.

The eve starts with 200 grams of beef and a 330 gram piece of traditional Finnish cheese on the grill... Effing feast. Two mangoes, some other fruit, and,

Gin & lemon.

To my friends too.

Another one.

Another one.

Cured. Time to go out.

Consistency is to be celebrated

We go to a place I was never before.

When my MedicineMan is smoking outside, a tall black straight black haired girl walks in, and I am sold. Tall good looking girl, in a tight white dress with green leaves, her long legs attacking my eyes from under that short tight skirt of hers, the breasts almost popping out from a conservative top.

Girl 1. Flower girl.

I tell him "I like this place"

We go in.

I tell him, "I need to break my effing chains" when I realize I will not approach that girl.
He tells me "Tequila"

Tequila 1. Sierra.
Gin 4.

While having the tequila, I spot a tall blondie far away.
"I like that"; even though I had no lenses on; and to this day I do not know her face. You got to respect the power of a fetish.

Girl 2. Unknown girl.

Girl 2 disappears. Girl 1 is dancing with her blondies,

Me, MedicineMan and some ladies that came with us, some more chatting, some more fun, and we got get

Tequila 2. Sierra.
Still on Gin 4

And then I see her moving towards the bar

Blonde in a pink dress. Possibly a model. With her heels, taller than me. If a guy my height is interested only in the best one place has to offer, this would be it.

Girl 3. Almost number one

And then I see her moving to the dance floor.

Long wavy brunette hair, almost as tall as I am, legs that fit in the jeans perfectly, gorgeous face, beautiful smile, white teeth lined up like pearls;

I just cannot take my eyes off this girl.

"God created her" I tell MedicineMan;

They are a mixed group and a dude in the group seems to be close to her, but he is staying with the guys, she is with the girls, and,

I just cannot take my eyes off this girl.
Just cannot.
I get a few stolen glances, but suspect that the man is a hindrance.

Girl 4. Target


Now I definitely need some drink, am feeling too stuck. Girl 1, Girl 3 are in their groups not giving signals, Girl 2 is lost, Girl 4 is not giving signals, but I don't effing care. That smile... Even if it is not to me. The innocence there.

So, we go to the bar.

Tequila 3. Sierra
Gin 5

Just when I drown my tequila, I see her, Target, standing 5-7 meters away from me; talking to one friend, waiting for the others to finish smoking.

Put the glass down, turn, and walk over.

"Hi" I say to the two girls
"Hi" she says, I nod.

"Do I know you" she says and then the familiarity hits me. But so distant.
"Do you?" I say, and she stays few seconds
"Yea, you spent the night in my place" I could not have forgotten that, I think to myself
"Did I?" I ask, seriously wondering now.
"Yes, some years ago. " please please please remember
"I even have your number still, I think"

"Before I go on, I need to ask. The guy in the grey blazer, your boyfriend?"

"Cool. So what did we do" I ask, I need to know. I have forgotten women before, but this one is unforgettable.
"Not much" she says, and then it hits me,

To her relief, I remembered her. Yea, she actually lit up when I told her where she lives, and what she does for living.

This was a girl, that in a difficult time in my life, years ago, in the same town, in another bar, when I was with MedicineMan, upon seeing her from the back, I turned to MedicineMan and said,

"This is what I like"

It was some great time, and we ended up in her place, but she was having her days. So, no go.
But this girl was one of the few women I met who understands a man's needs. Something I respect a lot.
Would be one of the few time I write about a girl whom I got intimate with because I got nothing bad to say about her, gorgeous woman, with a good personality, and great company.
Four years later, in another town, in different bars, I manage to approach the same woman,  both times knowing that I am going for the most gorgeous girl in the place;

And it is the same woman.

Effing consistency I say. 

The Plight of the Average Joe

In the beginning of the night, I was telling MedicineMan a story of my previous weekend; which will not be written here;

MedicineMan is going

"Eff you"
"You did not"

Well, it is a long story, and I was still at the beginning when the dude I met last night, Crossfitter, joins our chat.

He is listening intently.

When I was at the point of recapping my story, the part about taking three taxis in one night, in a span of two hours, and paying 50 euros for those endeavors, my hands empty,

He comments smugly, smiling knowingly,

"Yea, it is cheaper to pay Thai Massage, man"

I smile,

"This kind of story is priceless man" And continue. Am almost at the end.

When I finish, MedicineMan is high fiving me, lifting his drink, smiling like a effing chimp, cause, the end is good.

Crosfitter's face has changed, now he has this hostile look in his face
"So you f¤%k every girl you see?"

This is the plight of the Average Joe. He  lives in a world where this stuff happens only on TV. It is not supposed to happen in real life to people he knows.

It is supposed to be fiction.

But it is not.

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