Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Smelly Media: The Environmental God Demands Sacrifice

Finland cool on new EU tire rules

An EU regulation stipulating that car tires must feature a sticker detailing information on their environmental credentials is causing consternation in Finland.

EU does as EU intended. Few unelected anointeds making rules for the others; not based on fact and life, no, no; based on ideology.

Tires produced for Finnish conditions do not do well in the wet-weather fuel economy testing used by the EU to determine a product’s effect on the environment.

Wet weather is the rain in Spain, the mist in Greece. What we got here is a layer of ice dirt and snow on the roads, where even the winter tires without spikes are not recommended.

What is the difference?

In the summer I use 8 litiers per 100km

In the winter with the winter tires without snow on the ground, it jumps to 9;

When the snow falls then it is back to 8, despite the frozen engine splurging fuel just to warm itself.

But the environmental sh&theads cannot have that. The Environmental God demands dedication, dedication means dead children because someone slid in the curve while driving under the speedlimits because of environmental tires and smashed into a kindergarden.

Who cares! The Gods are pleased. We sing kumbayyaaaa, one centiliter less fuel was used during that trip.

The tires that do reduce fuel consumption in wet weather are not very effective in the ice and snow common further north, according to the Ministry of Transport’s Senior Engineer, Juha Valtonen. He believes that Finnish consumers could be misled into purchasing the wrong winter tires if the current sticker plan is implemented unchanged.

The Finnish consumers will not be misled. Word of mouth will spread the truth about what tires kill people in the name of Gaea (a.k.a. Gaia).

They will just, in increasing numbers, cement their belief that the people are sacrificial lambs for the EU technocrats, the anointed who are walking in the footsteps of their prophets Stalin & Mao. 

No amount of dead will satisfy the Gods of the Leftie Universe. Any amount of dead will be justified as they were sacrifices for the omelette; an omelette from recycled sewer, served with a sh&t sandwich.

Finland is lobbying the other Nordic countries and the EU to try and get an icy conditions label in place of or alongside the one relating to wet weather conditions.

I know how to do it.

Pack every environmentalist of the EUSSR (as this suggestion is specific to this context. Otherwise replace env... with lef...) into 20 year old cars (because new cars are overpriced due to car tax being so heavy for the working class due to leftie/enviro legislation), with summer tires (because winter tires are banned/expensive due to enviro legislation) and send them on a three month road trip in Lapland; December, January, and February.

Gaea will welcome their sacrifice.

Note: If any reindeer gets harmed during this road trip when the summer tires save even more fuel by crashing the car into a tree/deer; Gaea will not welcome this sacrifice, rather she will punish the dead human sc&m for their murder of the innocent; and send them to swim for eternity in the Fossil Fuel Lakes of Hell.

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