Friday, November 12, 2010

Am I playing for the audience?

I started thinking about this when at 4 am,

After calling a girl not-prostitute, being hit on by my colleagues wife without knowing it, after telling a girl that I could be her birthday present, but will not date, and she telling me she wants me, but she wants me as boyfriend, and few other incidents I forgot,

When leaving the bar with my friends, and no girls, this good friend of mine told me

"Man I respect you. And I do not understand it. You are so honest with women, You tell what you think, and do not care, and you still get laid. Man, I respect you"

So I thought thinking if my honesty is for this, if I am playing for the audience.

The answer is no, I am not. The audience is a bonus.

I play it straight up, since it is the way that respects my balls the most.

And that is what counts.

Somebody else can lick her balls in order to get some action, not me.

Actually am contemplating on going even more straight and honest.

Talking 'bout full on caveman style. Hardcore.

Wir machen bum bum bum, das haelt den Tarzan jung!

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