Thursday, November 25, 2010

The fallout of the sexual revolution

I have a friend who one day told me "Thanks God we had the sexual revolution"

For what? I had thought. At that time he had been jerking off for years, with a few drunken lays in between. Few, meaning no more than three. In few years, few meaning more than three.

And there I was, at that time a speedy little f#¤ker, swearing at the sexual revolution.

I remembered this story when I could formulate what I mean by my dislike for the sexual revolution.

Sexual revolution, yeeeeeay.

What did it do?

It did this.

Girl, I am having good time with, I am treating well, I am giving pleasure to, but I am not promised to. She's young, and I am not in the place where I will buy a cow, when the milk is free. And I will not buy the cow, when her milk was free before I entered the scene.

Even if this is mentioned in another story, I will tackle the issue from a different point, so bear with me.

After being with me for a whole night, where in the morning she had trouble walking, she left the bar with a man, not 24 hours after we had our lateral rodeo.

I have lived here long enough, and I know her and people well enough to know that there is a almost sure possibility of her having shagged that man. Not my problem in the sense that I am not promised to her. So she is free.

Not 190 hours after having been entertained by two different men, she takes another man home.

Now, that is 8 days, 3 men.

I will not even bother expanding that to a year.

I thank the men who invented the condom, at least I know I will not be digging in that pool of man juice without a diving suit.

But what did that do?

I mean it is a free country.

It is a free society.

Women can do what men do. (In that case, do like the big majority of men do, jerk off) In this case, men is the creme de la creme of men, not more than 1 in 10, as the rest is invisible to them, till the clock starts going tik-toc-tic-toc-tic-toc

It is a free society.

And as she is free to do whomever she wants, whenever she wants, as often as she wants,

I am free to declare that she is in the category of Pump-and-dump.

Even more accurate,

She got herself to be in the category,

"Invite for a pump, kiss only if you smell toothpaste, and dump" Rinse, repeat.

Why I would pump her? Cause I got a durex diving suit, and she is damn gorgeous.

Though I am considering of buying a full latex protection suit  in the near future.


Joking aside, the sexual revolution created such a state that a man thinks twice before kissing a woman.

A woman not worthy of dating. A woman worthy only for the satisfaction of the most primal urge. And that, without kissing.

Sometimes I think about butterflies happily swimming in piss.

Sexual revolution.

The fastest way to the devaluation of the woman, sexuality, and her company.

And I think about the men who got screwed by the sexual revolution, who will one day pick up the leftovers.

I take comfort in the fact that up to now, I have been a prime benefactor of the revolution, a revolution that would happen if I wanted it or not. Being in the revolution makes you see what the rebels, revolutionistas really are.

They are something you'd think twice before kissing. 

Before I finish, let me just remind you that, someone, sometime, not knowing what I know, will beg her to marry him.

So I guess for the blue pill addicts, all is well.


  1. Unfortunate but true. It never ceases to amaze how skanks try to portray themselves as virtuous to some naive man when they're not riding a pickup artist. And some dimwitted guy will believe her.

    And by marrying her, he will do essentially the same as paying luxury vehicle prices for a used skateboard that's been ridden more times than the local bus service.

  2. Curious, what would estimate would be the median number of different cocks a Helsinki HB8 would have ridden by age 30? (Median not average so that the relative super sluts don't pull the number up as much.)

  3. Anon, skateboard may even be a better analogy than the cycle.

  4. Doug1,

    Of course this is a generalization:

    First you take the time she has been sexually active. Say, on average first encounter of the sexual kind happens at 16.

    From there you substract the time she has been in serious relationships. (of course add 1 for every relationship)

    For the time we have now when she is single, here enters your judgement of her character, and my observation/opinion,

    If you think she is/was a party animal, not even that crass of a category... It is enough if she parties every week;

    Then one (or more) man per month. Possibly more.

    If she is enjoying nightlife occasionally,

    The one man per two or three months;

    If she is the conservative/traditional/sincerely churchgoing type,

    Then one man per every six months she has been single. (Serial dater type)

    And upon your request I excluded the uber sluts. As there is no limit to those ones.

    If she is 30, and is in single digits, she can be effectively considered a virgin.

    (Barring there are no relationships in the past like longterm dating a drug dealer/addict, or banging 8 hockey players at the same time + 1 serious boyfriend)

    I have at least two more installments on this topic. Soon.

    P.s.: If you are a girl who does not fit the above description, I know, not all women are like that, but this calculation holds true 9 out of 10 for the big city attractive girl types.

  5. you are complicit in the "revolution"

  6. Nope.

    If I were to more to a monastery today, that would not make a dent in the revolution.

  7. tell yourself what you gotta, in a small way you are a "revolutionary"