Friday, November 12, 2010

A NAWALT candidate from the NAWALT camp


"Not all women are like that."

True, there can never be a condition where all women are like that, except all women are women. And some beasts make me even question that.


Fine, I will ride with that.

So I am always on the lookout for the NAWALT.

I knew this girl.

She had this NAWALT aura around her.

She was a girl who would use the NAWALT.

Yes, we know, when we talk, we are aware not all women are like that.

But you have to remind us about it all the time.

Let the innocent cast the first stone. 

You were dating a man who was educated, who had a future, who was extremely well built, in the ranks of pro athletes, he had a house, a car.

He sold the house, you bought one together.

You were the exemplary figure for NAWALT. Any woman who saw you would go "See, i told you NAWALT"

The guy was few ranks above you in attractiveness, but he loved you. Dearly. (The guy is not me).

Then you started bitching. Nagging. He could only stand it for a year. I do not know the rest of the story, who dumped who, but that was a match made in - wait for it - wait - wait - heaven.

You were one of the examples of women who were NAWALT. Who chose well, who "I am not like that" (Of course, we know what that means...)

Good looking woman. Seems decent. Not a bimbo. Chose her man well. Seemed to love her man. A man of high quality.

So what do you do last weekend?

You choose to be just another notch of this local player with the big head in the silver silk shirt. With his east asian looking eyes, the mofo looks like an effing alien.

I am aware of the tingle in the pussy you get for this man who (must have) has some charm and is apparently wanted by other women, but that, my lady, is riding a bicycle (there is something about male bicycles, eh?) after you ditched the Porsche made in Finland. (pun intended)

I got to give it to the guy, he must be smooth, very smooth to pull the game of that he is playing out there; and I say this, knowing him from before.

Then I thought of my friend, who is a Greek god, looks human, and think to myself,

"Another NAWALT bites the dust"


But every passing day, MAMWALT, "More and more women are like that."

The NAWALTs are really the exception that proves the rule. One day it will be NAWALT versus AAWALT. Almost all...

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