Friday, November 12, 2010

Beauty is only skin deep

Allright, this one story I will write,
starting with


Not all women are like that.

Now that we are clear,

Let me also say,


Not all men are willing to f¤%k that.

Woman, comes talks to me, me keeping decent but non-flirtatious.

Goes on to entertain my buddy in the
men room by putting her legs up the sink and playing with her pussy
asking him if he wants a piece. She had a skirt, and a pantyhose.

Weeks later after devil may know what

she did, she ends up in the men's room with another buddy of mine,
showing him her tits.

First time she was smooching some dude after leaving the restroom.

Second time she was actually with a guy in the bar. A different guy.

Now, the second buddy laughed about the

incident, mentioned her on the table, her being a good looking blonde and heard me say, "I won't be touching that"

He asked, "Why?"

As much as I was wanting to smash his face into my coffee cup, I kept my temper (I like that cup), and told

"Some women are not made to be touched, no matter how much beauty there is on the outside, if there
is so much filth on the inside"

If we were the last people on earth,

humanity would be lost. 


But then what does it matter what I think?

She is getting to the age where she will decide to settle down. So not too far from now, she will have the

House with the white picket fence, bought by him,

A diamond ring, symbolizing his forever lasting love, bought by him,

A wedding dress, symbolizing purity and innocence, bought, by, him,

1.6 kids, raised by him, likely not conceived by him,

A minivan, paid by him, used by her.

A cottage where she can have her girls bring their friends over,

Holidays around the world, because she is so special.

Something so special that it has been giving free peep shows in a stinking loo.

She is.

And he is?


  1. That truly sucks. However, being an average man, women like that are only reasonable option available beside drinking yourself to grave at 45. Catch-22.