Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Two different universes apart

She came over to me, asked me for a dance. I had no intention of going down to the dancefloor full of drunks, and I was having too good time with my own guys, so I let her dance by herself.

Took less than 30 seconds for her to be approached by a better than average guy.

Another one was eyeing me from far all night, I was busy drinking, and did not pay attention. Then I notice her standing a meter behind me, by herself. By now I was tipsy and deep in a conversation with a friend about some boobs on the dancefloor, so it takes me time to hear the alarm."She's too close. She's too close", by the time I registered the warning signs, which, too late, but not later than a thirty second's time, a handsome latino stud approached her, and was blown out badly, after which she immediately moved away.

(Poor guy, does not know the reason him getting the non-verbal f#¤k off was due to me not saying hi to her)

If I know right this would be the only approaches these women would make that night, and possibly the next few weeks. Upon rejection they got approached immediately by other valuable prospects.

Now, compare that to any of your non-ueber-studly buddies of yours.

Do they have the same approach – be approached ratio? Of one to at least one?

Not even close?

Not even close to being distantly familiar?

While I do rarely take advice on an approach,

That is why I do not take it seriously when a woman ridicules an approach.

Oh, and the women crying when I say "No" makes me laugh outloud at womyn talking about the "Fragile male ego".

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