Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Monkeys on the lookout for the bigger, better and elusive banana

Brunette. Used to date a friend of mine, and now they have broken up. I think she dumped him.
The night I met, I pissed her off, made fun of her, and left, only to contonue laughing with my friend, when she was not two meters away, with other people I know.
A week after that, I saw her again, and apologized for my unnecessarily harsh words, and just jumped back into entertaining myself, which pissed her off again. But I saw insecurity there.
For few weeks I have been seeing her with this playboy, who I also know. Seems like they are dating.
Except that, whenever I meet them, she has the look "please, oh please, say hi to me once again, and eff me to the sky"

Blonde. I know her from the bars, and happily can say never touched her or never approached her. We once talked due to her saying something to me. For a minute or two.
Seems she has started dating another player I know. And of course, when I passed by, talked with the guy, ignored her, all the time her eyes digging into mine with the puppy bowl look. Now it is sure that if she were to exist, from my point of view, the next time I met her, a shag in the toilets would be in the menu. 1. She does not exist. 2. I dont eat where I shit.

Allright, one fo these used to be a good girl, the other a was is and will be a harlot. So guess all bases are covered? The good, the bad, the....


  1. How do you know everyone? Is this a small Finnish town, or are you one of those people that just knows a ton of others?

    I totally dig your approach to women. It takes Seinfeld to the nth degree in terms of pickiness.

  2. I am in one of the bigger finnish towns, but hang out in the same few places. So you get to know people, by name, face, and history.

    About the pickiness, I have to admit to a number of dives.