Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Things you don't know (1)

Things I don't know? Who cares... Let the unknown be unknown. The last time I got to know the unknown, I almost could not dig myself out.

The red pill is a special case. First you are sent down to earth, in between the fires of hell, only to be catapulted out into the sky, to fly high.

Things you don't know?

Let's see;


You little brunette, you were telling your friends how romantic that tall guy you are talking to is. Your eyes were sparkling.

You do not know of this conversation I overheard the next day, from the next table with five or six guys:

"How was that little brunette?"

"Haha man, she had a brazilian wax. The bitch was smooth. Fucked her in the ass. She also swallowed. Cheers!"

Another casualty on a beer table the day after.


You came up to her and told her "do not go with him, he is a player"

You do not know that, lying in bed all sweaty, she turned to me and asked,

"That dude, your friend?"

"No, why?"

"He told me you are a player"

Wiped the sweat off my eyes, smiled.


You, protective man, or sneaky f¤%ker (it is a scientific term),  came up to her and told her "Be careful, he is a player"

She told me thet she heard that "I am a player",

I looked into her eyes, smiled, she said "It doesn't matter"

In your case though, I know you meant well, so you are forgiven.


All these guys that you are smiling at,

They know you like it rough, very rough. "Bitchslap me" rough.

Some bird you let into your nest talked.

None of these guys you are smiling at are looking at you in a decent way.

I know; they talk to me.

But now I understand that you elbowing me in my stomach when I was passing my was your way of flirting.

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