Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Women have been lied to. 30 is not 20

There is so much material for "Women have been lied to." series, it is ridiculous.

I saw her on her birthday, now she is 27. She is a good friend of mine, and as women come, she is as good as it gets. Attractive girl, and decent.

And she is the prime example of women who have been lied to.

"Happy birthday!!"


"Getting older, huh?"




"Well preserved"

"Well, thanks"

"No boyfriend in sight?"

"No, I want to wait. "

"But you want kids"


"Then do not wait"

"I got time till 30"

"No, you got no time till 30"

"I do, I will not start looking till I am 30"

"Nope. Best case, you find the guy by thirty, take your time getting to know him, get married, and then start the baby making process... Way too late"



I did not have the heart to tell her that the man she can find now, at the start of 27 is a few levels better prospect than the one she will manage to snag after she starts looking for one when she turns 30.

What is so bad in finding a man when you are young? When you have your youth and energy to offer to a man? When he can bond so strongly that it lasts a lifetime. At least has more chance to.

Women have been told that men like confidence, men like intelligence, men like challenge, men like a woman who has experience in life.

Maybe we do, but only after the youth and beauty condition is satisfied. Add to it perceived purity.And even then, the above are things we need to stand, not things we will necessarily cherish.

So she is now wasting one of her most valuable assets, because she has been lied to and no one put her straight. I tried, maybe I should have done it in the heartless way, thinking of her good, but sometimes you do not do the right thing.

Expected youth is relative, depends on the age of the guy, also I know some very hot over 25 women, depends on the woman too, but exceptions do not prove the rule wrong.

One friend likes this calculation: Man's age divided by two plus three; though I would not be so harsh myself. And yes, I can attest to the truth in his statement.

For a man wanting to start a family, meeting a woman when she is 30 is no good. And it is as simple as that.

Ah well, yea I know I am not a real man; I cannot handle a strong woman.


  1. She needs to meet her husband RIGHT NOW.

    I met my wife when she was 27. Married her at 30, and she started squeezing out the puppies at 33. Even that was really pushing it fertility-wise.

  2. A good post, but...
    "Man's age divided by two plus three"
    Well, that's just stupid :)
    If the guy is 22, the ideal girl is 14? LOLz
    The ideal women (for an LTR with possible kids) is ~20-24, no matter how old the guy is.