Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I am not easy... Really?

Third week of flirting.

Some messages sent by me, got me the "Creepy" label. I took pride in that label.

Saw her in the bar, said hi, moved on.

Somehow ended up talking with her later in the night, and she is on a full frontal flirt attack with her fingers, while teasing me with her words.

The body always speaks louder.

Her hands are out of control, but otherwise she is behaving. This takes one and a half hours, a time during which I enjoyed myself.

So we leave the bar, she knows I am a "hopeless case", I had told her not to try to change me, or something like that. Leaving the bar, I let some other opportunity pass by with another girl, that I should not have, but alcohol impairs judgement, even at low levels of being under the influence,

So we're leaving, and it is not clear where we will end up.

She asks

"Does your soul need saving"



"Well if you wanna try, go ahead"

She takes off her gloves and says,

"Then I take my gloves off"

"Here, take mine" (Due to previous interactions, was not interested in holding hands or playing to some tune she sings; even though this eve was fun)

We are walking, in a direction which is my direction, her friends in front of us, so destination is still on the bargain.

"Where are we going" she asks,

"You're joining me. That would make me happy" HEADSLAP (awareness, man awareness. Stupid me)



"I am not easy, you know"


"I am not easy"????????


"I am not easy" means one thing, (in context with previous interactions),

"I am not easy to you, to others, different story"


Eff off.

You know what just happened?

I turned IMPOSSIBLE, except for a well timed Pump'n'Dump. Hell, even the possibility of you becoming a booty call is questionable right now.

Had you said,

"I am not ready"

"I need to get to know you"

"I do not want my friends to see"

"It is too early"

I would take it, and not think much of it, as these can be more sincere, more believable, and you had showed genuine interest and were clearly enjoying the time we had. It was clear, you wanted more than just scratching my chiseled sides.

"I am not easy"

What the f¤%k do you think I am? A sheep shagging man whore? You're doing me a favor by sexing me? Come on? Reality check please.

"I am not easy"

What you did, was to take the interaction away from "She's fun, let's get to know her, if she's no psycho, have some sexual pleasure together" to the challenge of "We'll see who is easy/we'll see who is not easy"

"I am not easy"

And I just turned impossible.

The wet kisses on my cheeks do not rescue the situation.

Now, any guess on why you have not heard, and will not hear from me?

Of course I will be "friendly" with you when I see you again. But the terms have been set.

- The creep

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