Thursday, November 25, 2010

Improving yourself is not a sin, dammit

You told me two things, in different times.

"Dude I don't want to get pumped up"


"Dude I do not want women who want me for my body"

For the first sentence, it will take you at least a full year to get your body in some shape, before you can talk about a risk of getting all pumped up. Do not underestimate the effort guys like me (happily and enjoyingly) put into being fit and athletic.

To the second sentence,

What do you think?

The woman that you would be attracted to you would respect you more because you do not want to present her with a body she will happily glide her fingers over?

It is not about wanting a woman to want you only for your body, it is about respecting the woman you will be with. Short term or long term.

She is giving you her body, the least you could do is take care of those love handles.

No, you will not get all pumped up like Arnold in two months,

And yes, there is nothing bad in her wanting you for your body only. Anyway, unless you find a complete virgin (anal, oral, hand etc and regular), believe me, there will be someone who's gotten her favors only due to his body; he definitely is not somewhere in the corner crying because he was used.

See it like this.

You are entering a 400 meter dash. Even if I prefer barefoot, would it not make sense running it with the best equipment available, not a winter coat and flip flops?

Or in other words,

Which of these would have a chance of finishing a race, let alone win it?

Or, this guy?

Allright, the first guy may indeed finish a race; after the whole gang of runners, some walkers, some jumpers, few rabbits, maybe a zebra or two have passed the line.

Willingly handicapping yourself in a way that does not fit the handicapped peacock principle is simply stated;


Now shut up'n gimme twen'y.

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