Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Our sad state. This NAWALT nowadays is one of the best bets

If I say, "She is not a NAWALT", what would that mean?

That she is the woman who is the one that says "Not all women are like that" meaning she is not like that.


That she is the woman that makes the women "Not all women are like that", meaning she is that.

Maybe some native speaker could clarify?

Why this story?

A friend today asked about my weekend, and I recited one of the stories from that night to him,

He immediately was "Man, don't talk anymore, NAWALT"

I agree. NAWALT. But like I said somewhere else, MAMWALT, More And More Women....

Below is a good case of a woman who is not like that, she is (not?; check above) a NAWALT.

Looks? Check.

Flirting? Check.

Cute? Double check

Feminine? Hell yea

Faithful to her friends? Yes.

Does not shag any asshole? Yes (at least she needs time. Proven)

Slow to bed? Yes

Date material if one would be so inclined? Definitely

Innocence, cuteness, sexiness and damn lot of sensuality? Yes.

This is a woman, after talking to her a man would go from "Damn I want to bed her" to "This is too good to be true". I admit, I almost fell for it.

So where is the catch?

The catch-22 is that this catch has no problem going on a date with a guy who has a girlfriend.

Of course it is rationalized; his relationship is shaky. And she knows him from before, and they never had sex.

Guy with girlfriend dating other women; bad bet? Apparently it does not matter for our female catch.

This, my friends is the sad state of "Dude, NAWALT".

If you assume NAWALT, you will be disappointed, as yes, most women, this way or that way, to some degree, are like that. It is the estrogen,

You want a woman not like that? Totally unlike that? Go date a transvestite. You get the boobs without the estrogen.

So, you ask me, is this not too personal? It his her private business.

It is.

Except two people, no one knows who she is, even my close friends,

And I think I can be forgiven if I said that I have tried to get her to meet me, as I do think she is a good woman I can spend some uncommitted time with. Edit: And I did meet again, and will get her to meet me again. Obsession, you can call it that.

I will try again, after a break, since I know she is attracted, but our mutual "friends" trigger her "I am a good friend" nerve. They also trigger her "I heard about him" nerve; not all is lost.

But yea, NAWALT.

Just keep your ears and eyes open. That can mean your destruction.

And now I go write her a mail, I am free tomorrow, and I would like her to join me in this artsy bar.

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