Saturday, September 18, 2010

"I am not easy"... ehh...really?

Many times a girl has told me "I am not easy"


"I was shit easy before I met you, now I decided to be a reborn virgin"

Some guys may say, "dude, continue, she will give way"... I say, there will be a woman in due time who will not play that crap with me.

The "not easy" girls make themselves known not by the "I am not easy" utterance.

It is in their behavior, in the way they respond to your touch, in their eyes when they touch you.

"I am not easy" just means, easy'n'fast to everybody, but Madonna to you.

Especially coupled with extensive makeup, flashy jewelry and not an elegant low cut attire.

For example:

You touch her, she does not take her hand away, may not immediately caress your hand, but when you touch her, her eyes go down shyly. And then back up with a smile.

Now that girl, is good. She will satisfy you sexually and emotionally. It can be faked, but even then, a girl who fakes this, still will know what a man wants. So it is not optimal, but good for a medium term ride. If it is not a fake, you may be looking forward to the beauty of the affection of a feminine cutie.

You touch her, she looks straight into your eyes, no shyness, this is one who either is a feminine woman who is extremely turned on, or is an attracted woman who is totally revolutionized sexually. You will be in for some pleasure for the night.

You touch her, she takes her hand away, or moves away. She may be shy, or disinterested. You decide which,

You touch her, she says "I am not easy". Pffffft. That reaction tells you "I am not easy anymore". She has been there, done that, and more, and now she wants to feel special. Walk away to save yourself time, and energy. This is not worth it. You are not there to make a girl feel better about her existence at your expense.

Go look for the girl who puts her eyes down for a second when your eyes meet, and then back up.

Gotta have fun, but with the right girl, man. Someone who deserves you.

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