Monday, September 06, 2010

Chivalry is dead. You wanna know why?

Chivalry is dead, yes. It is. You killed it. You strong and independent women who do not need men, unless you really need them. (Really : arbitrary definition, depending on how desperate or entitled the woman feels)

"Finndistan you are a misogynist. What chivalry could you be talking about anyway."

I will neglect that misogynist part.

My neighbor, aged ninety, I open doors for her. Some girls in my workplace, who showed clearly that they can thank when door is opened, I do it. But then, I do that also for guys.

It is a human thing.

Another neighbor of mine trying to carry her heavy suitcase got my help.

That is me.

Independent and strong girls get to carry their own stuff.

That is me, too.

A woman getting raped in the city centre and people walking by.

That is either lack of humanity.

Or death of chivalry.

(To be honest, in this example, I would call it death of humanity, or the extreme case of socialism... that is me)

There are many examples of guys outright ignoring women or treating them bad, totally against the codes of chivalry, against the wishes of the women who are still demanding special treatment - when it suits them.

But why do guys throw the towel?

What happens to them that they stop giving a fuck?

My father is too old to change, he is what he is.

He was having coffee with my mother in an expensive coffee, and they had this mother and her kid sitting beside them.

The kid was sitting in the chair, throwing a tantrum that it wanted to get closer to the table or something, she was standing there, her hands full, not being able to help her kid, looking helpless and/or annoyed.

My father got up, pushed the kid towards the table, and nodded to the woman.

Having grown three kids, he would know what to do; and no surprise the kid turned into a peacefully content little boy.

Instead of nodding, or just ignoring, she snarled at the man.

It ended with me hearing an hour of swear words about the generation of strong independent incapable women.

He will not change,one event like this will not change him.

But imagine if you are twenty five and have grown up with this behavior. Or this.

You would not give a f#¤k either,

Hell, possibly you'd advocate total ignorance.

A glimpse of the very near future:

"I want a strong man to carry my independent strong woman's purse. I will smile at him"

"Freck off..."

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