Monday, September 06, 2010

The Judge, Day One: Judge first, ask later

I*ve had these post sitting on my hard drive for some time. Was not sure if I should post them or not. As part of my purging the past, writing and posting every single post idea that I had jotted down, so I can kind of let go of some baggage, I will do this five day series on what I call judging. The last day will be a self reflection.

It all starts with,

"Finndistan man, you judge women too much."

Well my friend, do you remember that cute brunette you talked to for three hours; who found a guy fifteen minutes before the bar closed: Yea, that one. What you do not know , what I never had the heart to tell you is that  when you left for the restroom, she turned to her friend and made the throat slitting hand motion to her:

The motion with one hand moving over the throat, like a sword beheading ones head;

With a disgusted look on her face.

She really was not judging you, and sharing her judgement not only with her friend, but openly with everyone else in her vicinity, making it publicly known. Wait, wait, or was she?


"Finndistan man, you judge women too much."

Well my other friend, these two girls saw me, and one made that "eewww" face... To me. As if I do not know the guy she chose to spread her legs for, making her utterly worthless.

The difference between me and her is that her worthlessness is my opinion, and this opinion is still kept private, unlike the open "eeewww", who was visible to anyone catching a glimpse of that second long gesture.


"Finndistan man, you judge women too much."

Remember that one night when you were ditched by a drunk fat girl -,yea you were slumming it, and I told you that-, for a fat drunk slob, and her showing you to him, and laughing?


While you guys are accusing me of judging those little dimwits, they are fully judging you every second you are interacting with them. If that would not be enough, they also broadcast their judgements. That is, my friend, destruction to a guy.

A guy judging a woman matters not for other guys, they already made their minds up about her.

Women not so. A woman not liking you, simply may mean her friend has shared her judgement and the woman will not bother to find out by herself, if you're worth liking or not.

And one day you will learn, openly having judgements makes them judge you less, big majority of the time. Kind of burns some fuses in their attraction mechanisms. Instead of judging you, now they are trying to get your approval.

So, judge first, ask later, likely there will be no need to ask. Who cares when you are lying in bed with that post coitus tiredness.

(Worst case: You'll be proven right, good riddance to bad rubbish, best case, she'll try to prove you wrong, enter the limbo)

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