Thursday, September 23, 2010

Then and now

Me, and a speedy, macho, handsome (the holy trinity) stud;

One year ago:

Stud: "Finndistan man, you were wrong about the spanish"
Finndistan: "I what sense?"
Stud: "Women are not running after them"
Finndistan: "So what makes you say I am wrong?"
Stud: "I was talking to this girl, and she said they see through the spanish image"
Finndistan: "So she has never shagged a spanish?"
Stud: "..."

One week ago:

Stud: "Finndistan man, you were so right."
Finndistan: "About what?"
Stud: "The spanish"
Finndistan: "Oh, now you see"
Stud: "Have not met one girl who has not slept with one... damn..."
Finndistan smiles, sips on his coffee, black as a moonless night, thinks about his old spanish friends who were in heaven when here;

Takes another sip, in cheers to guys who were not spanish, but the women thought with pride that they were getting their mandatory spanish notch.

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