Tuesday, September 28, 2010

You are not Heidi Klum

Was sitting in my favorite chill out place with a good friend of mine, talking about the previous evenings events, and laughing, when his friends joined us. While they were talking I was looking around, and spotted this guy with model looks walking behind his girlfriend.

The woman, round as a beer keg, dressed like Samantha from SATC - Yes, I know the show, and I watched it for education – was walking with the arrogance of a super model.

I noticed that my guys also saw the view and their faces told me I was not the only one when I said,

"Yo, there is she walking like Heidi Klum, when at best, she would be Heidi Plum"

And, we laughed some more.

Shadenfreude. So what.

Plum plum plum. Heidi Plum plum.

Wonder who is plumming who in that relationship.

The problem I saw was that she snagged a guy physically many levels above her, but was not appreciating it.

Lesson for the young: Either lead the relationship, or take your time to enter after your girl, the way that the most important person enters last, in some eastern societies.

Do not follow a beer keg like a puppy. Lead, or let her open the way for the mister.

Maybe, he got the smell of plum. Sniff sniff.

In other words, he's plumdiving...

Ok, enough. I can plum on the whole night.

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