Wednesday, September 08, 2010

The Judge, Day Three: The outburst

This is not one of my proudest moments, and yet, I am only human.

Was leaving this party with a finnish friend who is dating this attractive old friend of mine.

Were together with two other finnish friends who are successful in their trade and have good looking, appreciative women committed to them, in a bar which is known for its foreigner parties on that day of the week. Just had left the bar.

It was the eve of a hot sunny day.

There comes this short brunette with excellent legs and shorts that are as short as possible.

She walks by and makes this face, of contempt and disapproval, not to me, but to my finnish friend, and goes on to that place that has the foreigners. He was not even paying attention to her. I was.

Interlude: By foreigners I mean 25% latino (latin europe and south america), 25% middle eastern, 25% african (we dont have too many americans here, the ones I know, are actually easy to spot with their relaxed attitude and congruency with the hip hop style..) and the rest is a mixture of europe, and other places.

My world stops for ten seconds and then I burst to my friend:

"That bitch. Going to that party to see those guys she deems uuuuh sexy, should be fucking thankful of you local guys making this place safe, protecting her, dressed the way she is. Walk by, just walk by. Why the fuck you make that face, ha? Fuck, she would not last ten minutes in one of the sexy countries without getting raped to oblivion, or even here, were it not for you, natives, holding some kind of fucking order. But what do they do? Belittle, demean, and joke about the local men.

Man, you guys really should strike for a week or two. No security, nothing. Then we see how this civilized country actually stays on his feet...


Note: Before calling me names, check Sweden's unedited rape statistics of the last ten years.

And, I am a foreigner, yes I do not act nice or respectful at all times, but I at least appreciate the reason this civilization, this culture exists in this god forsaken climate.

It is the men. And the women who supported their hard working men with love, loyalty and hard work. But it is the men who die(d) on the job, die(d) in the wars, and so on, truth to be told.

And these ungrateful bitches strike a chord.

As they should.

As they also should, in the local men.

One day it will strike the chord in a whole orchestra, thunders will sound beside the Northern Lights. That will be deafening.

Till that time, I'll judge.

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