Thursday, September 30, 2010

Young man: "Be a man"

Young man.

You will meet women. Some will leave, some will be sent away, some will stay.

At some point you will face her weapons of mass destruction control.

What, she has nukes, you ask?

Yep. Emotional nukes. I am talking about

"Be a man"

Oh yes, yes, you already heard it. How did you feel?

Like shit?

But that is the intent of these words.

"Be a man"

The utter control element. The ultimate weapon in her arsenal. Hitting deep into your dna of millions of years. Shaming you into oblivion. The intent is to make you feel worthless. To change you. To mold you into the image of the prince on the white horse.

"Be a man"

Like in any world event, where you need to follow the ones who benefit from an event, to find the truth about it, "be a man" needs the same scrunity.

Follow the benefitter.

Will you benefit?

Yes. Few moments of silence, or well behavior on her side, until something else pops up where you need to "be a man", yet again, even if it the opposite of the previous occasion.

Will she benefit?

Well, what do you think... it is her weapon of choice.

"Be a man"

Is almost never said with your benefit in mind. It is an assault on you, to change you for the benefit of the assaulting party.

Never defend your situation, or try to be the man that she as the all knowing woman has deemed as "man".

Either cause drama by assaulting with "First be a woman deserving the man"; shit test with "What's in it for me"; totally ignore; or just ride into the sunset as this is just the beginning, and will not stop.

Just ride.

A free man.

And feel good that you could not be a man, if it was meant to be defined by a woman.

And to preemptively strike at the "you could not be a man enough to face the challenge" assault, I say, "taking the risk of dying lonely is the biggest challenge"... (P.s.: "You will die lonely" is the backup weapon in case you have no interest in "be a man")

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