Saturday, September 18, 2010

The curse of the special man

"You are special"

Unless she has proven to me that I will get better treatment than all other men, past and present,

"F#¤k that" will be my answer.

Many stories I got, many that I cannot write.

But here are three, with which I will try to explain the "F#¤k that"

Part 1

During an evening walk I bump into this girl who I, years back, had a short fling with.

We do not call or meet, but when we come across eachother, it is always a fun interaction.

The "hi"'s lead to a chat, the chat leads to having an evening tea,

"How is it now? After your last guy, you seeing someone now?"

"Yes, I have been seeing this man for some months now"

"For months? Only seeing?"

"Yes, have not slept with him yet"

"He must be special"

"He is very special to me, I want to make sure I am special for him too"

"Now do not tell me you have not had sex in that time."

"Of course I have. That is different"

Different my ass.

Special man got effed over.

Btw, the story actually goes:

The "hi"'s lead to a chat, the chat leads to having an evening tea,

The tea leading to an evening walk to her place, the walk leading to me staying over, but the stay over did not lead to sex.

Guess I, after years, lost my non-special status with her.


Part 2.

"Movie, drink, my place tonight"

"I want to meet you in public"

"Enjoy your evening then."

I was having good conversations with her whenever I saw her, and she made it clear she wanted to meet me, go on some dates, dinner dates, and it was clear, once those conditions were satisfied, the horizontal rodeo would take place.

She liked me, she was interested in having more of me, she made it clear that I was special.


She shagged my friend the night they met.

She shagged some guy just to get the flag.

And more guys that I know of.

Her being a gorgeous girl does not make it OK for me to wine and dine her and enjoy the desert (not dessert) of special man country.

A sentence I will use later on, many more times, will be used now, for the first time:

Lady, you f#¤ked away your right to a date.

So, I was special, so she liked me, meant I was not getting laid without some effort. And I will not put in more effort than the other guys I knew of. Let alone being seen in public as the guy who took her out on a date.

Some sorry dude took her on a holiday recently, judging from facebook pictures, so she must also be a "good girl", yea, not all women are like that, my bad. 

And the reply to her date request:

"Enjoy your eve"

The story continues one night, 4 am, the street:

She and her friends,

"We are having an afterparty, you want to come?"

Home was 500 meters away, I looked at the group, looked towards home,

"You have a good one, thanks for the offer"

Sometimes even a half hour investment is too much.

Part 3.

Friend of mine, who has a great network of women, - note to self: contact the guy – tells me one night:

"Dude, the girls in the gym think you are a God"


"But they will not talk to you because they are afraid you will use them"

"Don't you say..."

Hidden info: The girls are not difficult, if they talking to me will end with me shagging them. This tells me they are not nuns. This tells me they are enjoying some sexuality. Which is basically what they are not having with me because I am a God/special/dangerous/becauseI will use them.

I know some of these girls, so I know this logic holds in real life.

Now, knowing this, will I talk to these girls and make it clear I will not use them by taking it slow?

Err... No.

Besides, if they feel I am so attractive, that would not be they, who would be using me? They get the better value.

These girls f¤%ked away their right to claim they were used by me, if we ever did it like mammals.


If a girl is making you wait, and you know she has been sexually active, think very carefully in what category you want to put yourself into.

Do you want to be the lover who gets all the action; and if you wish to, only if you wish to,  the commitment?

Or want to be the special man, sucker who will prove commitment, to get some diluted form of the action?

Perfectly shows what I mean at 00:50; in one of the best comedies ever produced:

If you ever hear "You are special" and no sex has yet happened, make sure that there is no other guy, possibly someone like me, enjoying the female beast side of her, while you are out there taking the princess side on to exciting dates.


  1. Yargh. This is so true. What I really want is both at the same time from the same girl. I think I've had both from different girls at different times, but never 100% happy with it.

  2. So she gives it up for the PUA but makes the considerate guy wait? She's delusional if she thinks she has anything to offer that another man hasn't already had. Typical female insanity.