Monday, September 06, 2010

One good way to start the monday


Saturday night I see her coming into the bar, when I was leaving to the other side. She notices me, and smiles shyly.

Nowadays she must be twenty two or twenty three. I've had my eyes on her for quite some time, but for some reason never really talked much. Reason being: Exceptional looks, a height of 180, meat in the right places, and an innocent smile.

Half an hour later I bump into her, and we start talking. The conversation from the first second is normal, but the body language is on fire... and she pulls back. Introduces me to her neighbor,

"He is my very good friend"

"How do you know eachother?" with a smirk, testing the waters,

"Oh he is just a friend. Just a friend. My neighbor"

Poor guy was with us the whole time, sadness on his face, and I felt no pity. She had pulled herself back, contradicting her behavior in the first minute, causing a question mark in my head, and her very good friend nicely blocked me, I left, wondering about the sudden change in her behavior.

P.s.: This behavior usually happens when a girl feels she may be loosing control, and she has a reason that forbids her from losing control.

This morning:

I get up, effing monday. Take my gym bag, and go downstairs to walk to the car.

What I did not mention is that she works in this coffee that is close to my place.

I say eff it.

I need some mental boost to my monday.

I go to the coffee.

She sees me, smiles, without me asking pours me coffee totally full, she remembers I like my coffee black as a moonless sky, and I've ony taken coffee there a few times.



"You want something else?"

"Your number."

"eeh.. ha?"

"I want your number"


"Coffee is good then"

And she smiles.

She also smiled while saying the "no". In a way that told me there is a boyfriend somewhere, and that makes intimacy not easily possible at this time. But I saw it in her face, that that was the only barrier.

Rejection? Well, yea.

Did I feel bad? Ehhm.. No.

I sat down with my hot coffee, enjoying the low flying morning sunshine, and smiled to myself, knowing I had to do it, to clear the waters, to see if she would be willing to drop by after work someday. It was in the end a verbalized rejection, but a rejection is always better than me not having tried.

And anyway, her words were saying no, but not the rest. She's young, and I got time; one day the little bird will want to fly again.

Sipped my coffee, content with myself,

"Gotta do what you gotta do."


  1. Awesome post-

    your intuition is damn good.. I wish you would have pushed it further even though she was giving some resistance.

  2. At that point it was clear I could not push further. She was with her colleagues in the coffee and it was clear that me being more persistent would backfire on me.

    I got the issue out of my head, second mission accomplished.

  3. I always smile to men I turn down because I'm often a bit afraid of them, especially if they give me a misogynistic vibe. No hidden romance there.

  4. You know anonymous, women like you are a big part of the problem that makes the dating world a breeding ground for unhappiness.

    A guy comes to you, to open a chat, to talk to you, to get in your pants, or just to get to know you, heck, maybe even just to ask the time, and you get a misogynistic vibe from him.

    A woman I listened to once told that "Men are desperate to show women their love, affection and appreciation, but how can you do that when women cannot love and appreciate themselves?"

    Yes, you may smile, but believe me, the men notice the face of fear (asking themselves why), or the face of hatred (as I have not seen you smile, I would not know) underneath.

    And then you females wonder why men choose beer'n'xbox over women.