Thursday, September 09, 2010

The Judge, Day Four: You made your bed

"Bro, what is it to you if she slept with an Apaci?"

"A woman who can sleep with that, does not deserve my dick. Simple. My dick, my decision."

"Bro, her past is unimportant"

"There are three billion women out there. Ignoring one, that is of no importance."

"Bro you judge too much"

"My life, my balls, my rules; oh, and a disgusted stomach"

Oh, my friend, go to a venue and hit on the ugliest chicks, one after the other, every weekend for a month. Then talk to me about not judging women when you are forced to move out of town cause no woman of any attractiveness will ever talk to you again, when the word has spread on what women you think you are worthy of.

Respecting women's choices? Why not? ... If they are respectable choices..., on my terms.

Choices, consequences.


  1. What is an Apaci?

  2. The three musketeers in the photo are prime examples for Apaci's also spelled as Apachi.

    The usually seen version is an older, more aggressive looking and douched up version.