Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Examining the sexual/gender double standard

"This is a double standard"

"There is a sexual double standard"

"Why is the standard different?

"Why is it men are studs, women not?"

Let me explain with an example,

We have an attractive man, and an attractive woman, Adam and Eve, seeing a couple, Joe and Jane. We will look into what goes on in Adam's and Eve's heads, for different situations.

The eight situations:

Attractive Joe is seen with Attractive Jane

Adam: Good job, man.

Eve: I want him. She is attractive. She has chosen him. He must be attractive. I want that.

Attractive Joe is seen with Plain Jane

Adam: Everybody slums it now and then, I feel you bro.

Eve: Ewwwww.... Loser

Plain Joe is seen with Attractive Jane

Adam: Great job, man.

Eve:I want that. She is attractive. She has chosen him. He must be attractive. He must be shitting diamonds. I want him.

Plain Joe is seen with Plain Jane

Adam: Good job man.

Eve: Ewwww... Loser

Attractive Joe is alone

Adam: Shit happens, bro

Eve: Something must be wrong with him. Ewwww... Must be a loser

Plain Joe is alone

Adam: Shit happens, bro

Eve: Ewww... Loser

Attractive Jane is alone

Adam: GO GO GO!!!

Eve: blank

Plain Jane is alone

Adam: To dive, or not to dive. Maybe she has good personality?

Eve: blank

Notice the relative absence of ideas about the girl - both in Adam's and Eve's head - in relation to who she has with her.

See, the standard is this:

Man seen with attractive woman = For women, this man's attractiveness increased, or just started existing, in the case of an average man

Any other case , e.g. alone, or with not attractive woman = Man's attractiveness is lowered to zero

It does not work for the attractiveness of women tho.

Because, because, ... wait for it... ... ... men and women are not same.

Women liking men at least partially on his success with women, does not mean men should function the same way.

Woman seen with man = Best case, her value does not go lower*

Any case other than best = Value takes a nosedive

*Best case is that she got a man's man to openly commit to her

Exception; A totally unattractive woman who managed to get a somewhat attractive man to commit to her, elicits respect from most guys.

I mean come on,

For example,

You ladies think your value for men gets higher when they see you with another man?


I can tell you one thing tho, my value goes through the roof when a woman's seen smiling by my side. Any more interest than that, and my value just passed Jupiter.





Partly, your nature.

Don't be angry, don't fight it. Learn to live with it, embrace it, use it.

Just like I learned to live with the fact that when I am alone, and somehow do not have the aura of "I have a number of attractive women on stand by, waiting my call", that it does not matter how attractive I am, at that moment, I am worth zilch to you.

It is not a double standard, it is nature:

Women want what other women want; what other women have deemed worthy, something I call the female curse.

Men want a good piece of ass, two tits, cute face, femininity, a smile and feminine intelligence; available only to him. Extra men who have been deemed worthy by her, definitely do not make them want her more.

Different needs, different wishes, and different attraction mechanisms, and different supply and demands, make it a fair standard.

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