Tuesday, September 21, 2010

How to reveal honest information

Some guys care, some guys don't care.

Me; depends.

For the guys who care, a problem is not getting the real answers.

Try this,

After you have known her for some time, five minutes or five weeks, and you got the question in the back of your head, do not ask it.

Instead, set the frame right by,

"This break from sex has been good. A month of rest can do wonders"

Or something in that light. Never "Damn, have not gotten laid in -insert time- " NO. NO. NO.

It has to be your choice, and for not a long time. You know, abstain, reset the body, and limbo on.

After you make this statement, wait. Wait for her reaction.

Her reaction will tell you way more than any question you could've asked to elicit information.

You can go a step forward,

"This has been an intersting experience. Say, what is the longest you have gone without sex?"

Her answer will be your guide. There is no user manual, listen to your gut.

This answer will be more truthful, as sex is no big deal, and talking about the time in between sexual encounters does not ring her alarm bells about giving too much info about the actual partners.

But then, like I said,

Only for the ones who are curious.

If you don't care, hell, even if you do,

Lean back,

"This break from sex has been good. Now come here. I will show you the rise from the resting grounds"

And do her scary movie style.

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