Tuesday, September 07, 2010

The Judge, Day Two: Just another bitch

I liked that song, that finnish song with the female singer having a gorgeous voice.Just beautiful.

Asked my friend if he knew who that his, and he looked at me as if I asked a five year old kid about Freud.

I want to know who is that singer, so I turn to my right, where a couple is standing, the guy being the one closer to me.

I lean in, towards the guy:

"Hey,... do you know who is the singer of this song?"


"Is it Maija Vilk...?"

"No, no, it is Kaija K."

"Thanks man"

"You're welcome"

In between this conversation, I noticed that the girlfriend was making the face that girls make when some dude they find unattractive hits on them; rolling her eyes.

Entitled bitch. Am I talking to you? Nope, I am not, And I have no interest.

Her boyfriend was a good guy, that is why I kept silent, otherwise, it was simple,

"Hey bitch. What da f"#¤ is dat face you making ha? Am I talking to you? Hey, newsflash: you are not the center of the universe, cunt"

Would've gotten me kicked out, but would've been worth it, except that the boyfriend was a good guy.

P.s.: I was born a romantic.

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