Saturday, January 21, 2012

Got kicked out of Paradise

Damn. That is a gorgeous mulatto. And now I lost her. No she is there, on the other end of the bar, talking with two more giants, and a guy. The night is ending, it is now or never.

I find myself holding her arm and telling her something. Forgot what I said. Reception warm. The girls are volleyballers. All over 180, all having extremely sexy figures.

Mulatto and I chat for a minute, then I find myself chatting with another, who will likely play in the Olympics. The chats I had are hard to describe, just good mood.

Then I find myself heading out of the bar with Hera and Mulatto, and few others.

One thing follows the next, I am talking to their Jolie lookalike midget friend, Angelina,

"You with them?"
"You must be special if you can manage to play in the same team as these giants"

We cross the street, the fourth player continues her way, I am stopped on the street by a girl that I know, get rid of her, turn around.

Damn, there is no Mulatto in sight (primary target); no Hera (Eros would shoot me if I'd say no). Hey, Angelina is staying by the railing waiting for me.

I send the girl on her way, Angelina straightens up, and voila, we are holding hands.

First I think WTF, then I think "Voila!";

So Mulatto and Hera appear after a few minutes and we four move towards their hotel.

I am thinking to myself, I am not thinking anything.... I am just bathing with the moment. Mulatto in front, Hera in front, both have miniskirts, I have the tiniest of the bunch, who is also the cutiest (at least does not have paws instead of hands).

We get to their hotel's lobby door, the door opens, I get pushed inside.

Now, I am singing my national anthems.

We arrive in the room. I count four girls and one other guy who looks like he will pass out soon. 


Mulatto bends in front of me to get some food from the fridge, I pour some votka.

Then 3 more girls arrive with two more guys. So the first guy was the brother of one of the other teams' players.

I am sitting on the bed with Angelina, she's eating I am drinking.

Some chats, some fun,

And just when I was getting fired up,

Mulatto turn into the Mother Chicken. Gets up, claps her hands,

"We are sleeping in fifteen! Everybody out"; I still think I am staying when Angelina pushes me "Now time to go"...

I did not even see what hit me.

Suddenly I was standing outside with three female volleyballers, the brother and two random guys.

That is when I was thinking "Damn. Now I know how Adam felt"


Still, that night, my fall was cushioned.


Even then... Walking with a cutiepie holding your hand, two pairs of long bare legs in front of you, to a room where there is one more girl.... Then finding yourself out in the cold... Come on...


  1. Haha funny.

    Maybe if you knew what was coming you could have had room service drop some dinner, like "i'm starving and need to eat before I go anywhere" - just some more buying time.

  2. Wow, talk about a sudden reversal of fortunes!

  3. Well played, sir.

  4. If I knew what was coming, I would have been more proactive. I thought I was secure, and was just playing to time.

    Nevertheless, good memory.

  5. Lol. You should've seen this coming. You left Mullato and went for the petite (although it wasn't your fault. You thought perhaps that she was gone) and then Mullato turned tables on you by cock-blocking you with Angelina. Always remember: your date will never side with you if the cock-block comes from her friend (in this case her roomie and team mate as well). Tighten up your game bro.

  6. Leaving the Mullato, going for the petite was the only move left as the mullato, was the mother hen from the beginning and was having too much alcohol fuelled fun. Going for Angelina was pure opportunism, and was the only move. And all happened in less than five seconds.

    What I should have seen were the mother hen's foreshadowing of a future cockblock, and still today I do not see the signs.

    In any case,

    Tightening up the game is a necessity.