Monday, January 16, 2012

Media, one enemy from within

Still somewhere in West Europe.

In the news, more like in every news outlet was the big news that some Neo-Nazis who killed 8-10 turkish kebab owners (and a Greek gyros owner by mistake) had another murder attributed to them.

The Neo-Nazis were already in jail, and trial were continuing (or something like that...)

This news even got more air time than the scandal of the president.

Reporters and commenter up in arms against this disgusting racist crime... (which they should be, since I fit the victim profile, hair color and such)

Oh, in the meantime:

In Nigeria a church was bombed/set on fire; 23 Christians dead on their Christmas celebration. Air time 10 secs

In Nigeria a second attack, again numbers of Christians dead. Air time 10 secs

Oh, in Nigeria another gunman attack on Christians, still Christmas time, and only few dead. Air time 10 secs.

Ok. ok, these attacks are not racially (religiously) motivated; the Christians had pissed of the Apple Orchid Mafia... That's why they were punished.

I am not going to touch the Iraq civil strife or the bombings in Syria, as they are secterian in nature.

Ok, you say, those are in the other end of the world, of course they will not get a lot of airtime;


In Germany, in that time where the news of the trial were flooding the airtime;

A number of Germans were killed/robbed by immigrants. (not racial.. ok)

A girl was gangraped by southlanders (which means the mediterranean area, but the statistics show that it usually does not include the natives of the north shores; and this group is known in France, Sweden, Germany to use gang rape on western girls as a ritual to manhood; and apparently our shitfaced media approves); Airtime: Zero


Ok, you say, low profile incident, can't prove racial/religious motivation

Fine, let's move to another EU country, UK,

Four Somalian girls drink, beat a girl almost to death, shouting "Die white bitch", and are set free by the judge because "They are not accustomed to alcohol, due to their religion"

Airtime: Zero


Ok, this is also low profile.


Christmas time, a prominent British politician gets beaten up while the assaulants are shouting, "You are going to die you white pig"; low profile? Hell, he is one of the most talked about political figures in Britain, albeit in a bad way. Racist? Well the assailants themselves claim it.

Airtime: Zero


Airtime of a crime that happened 10 years ago, with the perpetrators under punishment as they should: Countless hours if counted together.

I say,

You media,

You mediƤnemy; you, the enemy of people;

The blood of all the assaulted, beaten, raped, killed Europeans is in your hands.

If there is Hell after death, you got the King Suite reserved for you may your rotten soul burn in the fires of your sins against humanity.

--- This concludes the "Somewhere in West Europe" series ---

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