Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The reality of the sexual marketplace in one sentence

Somewhere in West Europe

I am going through one of the "what's in the city this month" magazines, in a mid sized university town, with a few clubs, a lot of pubs, and a good amount of cultural activity.

In the centerfold they have the "people in the nightlife" page, you know, where party goers' photos are published in various venues and parties.

And there it was, a girl that I knew, having her photo taken with some well dressed man.

And there it was; the caption:

"Jimmy forward, and one more goal"


No matter how much the hamster runs, no matter how much the ladies stomp their feet, stomp stomp, no matter how much the ladies shout out "Girls just wanna have fun";

The reality is summed up in one sentence, in a feminized, progressive open minded, LGBTabcdefg friendly civilized society_

"Jimmy forward, and one more goal"

The key, the lock,
The ball, the goal,
The striker, the goalie.

You can't change truth by having the hamster stomp the grounds of logic for eternity, even if it is an attention deficited hyperactively disordered radioactive hamster running on steroids.

One more goal.


  1. Explain, please.

  2. "Jimmy forward, and one more goal"


    "Jenny forward, and one more goal"