Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Intermission: Control the words.... (no media link)

Will write a post about the elections and what the two successful candidates are saying,

Before that, want to remind you about all the cries that the left has gone unrepresented, and the workers have gone unrepresented.

Since we have universal suffrage, i.e.: worker, employer, employee, jobless, retired, parasite; all get to vote;

And the two left candidates got 14% in total, (since calling the Greens not left is wordplay, nothing else, and they got a whopping 20%)

To say that the left has gone unrepresented and the workers have gone unrepresented is wordplay; it is dishonest journalism, partisan journalism, ideological debauchery...

See, the votes tell us these things:

The workers did not want to vote for what the left stands for (for a second, considering the Greens are not counted as left, which is a ridiculous assessment)

The left did not want to vote for what the left stands for

The left, the all knowing totalitarian well meaning left, only comprises 14% of the population, not the majority of the people. The left is not the people's party.

Even counting the Greens as left, the left gets 34% in total... Still not enough to actually say "the majority wants socialism"

The pro-finn party got 10%, which is a tipping point, and set only to rise.


The left is represented,

The worker is represented,

They just do not want the left to represent them.

Considering that this country is an up until now somewhat successful welfare state in a love affair with socialism, bridled with fitting state propaganda (called the Finn consensus),

Is this not the left's

Epic fail?

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