Friday, January 20, 2012

One of the sweetest shoot downs I got

Had a girl that I knew by face on my right, talked to her the first time that night, was entertaining myself with that chat,

Had a girl on my left, who I knew from the gym, but sadly she was smashed, and the chat with her was "Ah, if you are busy, I let you be".. me smiling..

Then, I saw her. Coming my direction. Two hipsters in front of her, one girl behind her. She looked at me, big big brown eyes, and smiled. That smile. I did not see her attempting to stop, and the two guys in front of her, it was not clear what they were.


I tickled her waist with two fingers, while getting entertained by two girls; one on left, one on right.

She acknowledged, smiled, and put her hand on one of the guys' shoulder.

Too bad I think, so I order a jaeger.

While I was waiting for it, I spot BrownEyes sitting on a table with other four girls, no guys in sight.

Take my jaeger, go to their table, push a chair with my feet and sit down.

Turn to the girl sitting beside BrownEyes,

"I'll take your friend for ten seconds", to which BrownEyes replies "Ten seconds";

"Give and take"

I tell her,

"The reason I am here is your smile."; her eyes open up;
"The reason I am late is that I do not know the story between the two guys in front of you" (I do, but I want to hear it)

"The guys after us" she says
"The guys in front of you" I say
"Yes they're after us"
"Looks the other way. So what's the story. Something going on there?"

She looks at me with those eyes like a puppy waiting for some playtime with hope;

"Hopefully something will happen"... said with a genuine hope.

"Hopefully he does not fuck it up, as guys tend to do" I say, sincerely;

"Yea guys do that" she says.

That has got to be one of the sweetest way I ever got shot down. 

But down I ain't going.

I chat with her for two more minutes of so, wish her good luck, stand up, without taking a step, sit down to the table beside that. Also five girls on the table, but one of them I know from the gym. 22. Gorgeous. "Hi"; and another fifteen to thirty minute chat over there. This one is known to be a slow one.

During this time, I see the first table getting up, and could see the girl who was beside BrownEyes look at me with an open "No he did not" mouth.

Even if a hipster beat me to it,

It was the sweetest rejection; with one of the best unintended outcomes.


About getting shot down and going down: Get up.

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