Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Control the language, control the minds - Media -

The strength of the media comes from its access to millions of minds, and these minds' susceptibility to subtle messages.

Besides hatchet jobs, another way a successful attack can be managed is by ridicule. If you can't destroy your enemy, ridicule him. will have the same effect.

Media controls the words that go into the minds of millions, and if it is a state owned almost monopoly media, the effect is catastrophic.

Now we have the presidential election season in Finland, and of course the media is the nuke in this race.

Let's see some examples:

News report: Finns' love affair with euroscepticism fading

Look at the word selection. "Love affair".. intended to make the 20% vote jump of the Finns party a juvenile interest by the Finns. A joke. Nothing serious...

"Looka here, the rightist populist dimwit did not even get 10% of the vote... Hiyyaaa... did you have enough with your immature play of wanting a genuine government and a leadership that lookes out for you, not some other xenohead" is the message.

Simple, subtle, ultra effective. and treacherous.

But as we will see in later news, things are not a simple. The "rightwing populist dimwit" may be more tolerant than is portrayed by the fully hating media, his voters more intelligent than portrayed, and the almost 10% vote not that bad... P.s.: I use "dimwit" for a politician whose rightwing views I support (i.e. he is so on the left about tax issues, that just these policies would make him left of center.. but I digress), because that is what the media portrays him as, without using this word.

Once again: This is not what I think of him. I respect the man. I respect the party. And I think they fullfill a very important function in the treasonous waters of European politics where sovereignty is in the gutters and people's rights do decide on their own fate when departing from the party line has been decimated. It is the media that thinks otherwise of these "potato farmers", "tomato farmers".
The first round of the presidential election was a victory for National Coalition Party candidate Sauli Niinistö. The drama came as the Greens' Pekka Haavisto won the other berth in the second-round run-off. Pundits saw this as a backlash against last year's surge for the right-wing Finns Party.
Niinistö was always popular, where this Haavisto came from was a surprise to me. But to note for the next news, Haavisto is green.

Haavisto could get Soini's vote

The populist, right-wing Finns’ Party’s chair Timo Soini is considering whether to vote for the Green candidate Pekka Haavisto in the second round of the presidential election.

Soini received 9.4 percent of the vote in the first round. Soini and his party have been harshly criticised for members’ coarse comments about minorities of all kinds, so his position towards openly gay Haavisto came as a surprise to some observers.

Soini’s own poor showing, compared to his support at the parliamentary election, was not necessarily a verdict on his party and their values.

“Timo Soini’s campaign didn’t have the same energy and motivation as the Finns’ party did in the parliamentary election,” said YLE election pundit Ville Pernaa. “At the same time his supporters were never sure whether they wanted Soini to be president or to continue as the party chair.”

Emphasis mine.

So Soini got 9.4%. Rightwing populist racist party. (as the media portrays it)

And "minorities of all kinds"...

Uhhhmmm... No.

They do not talk about minorities that respect the Finnish culture. Not about minority members who respect the laws... Who work.. Pay taxes...

Ok, they do talk some about the Swedish speaking minority who has had a disproportionate control of the economy and the politics and has been the main driving force in this enriching limitless immigration movement, thinking that minorities will support other minorities, namely the Swedish minority.

The one minority that the party members have talked against is the protected minority. And talking about that protected minority is enough to end careers. And lives.

That minority is not women (52% of society, what a minority), gays, lesbian, bis, transgenders, the chinese, the french, the cubans etc.

They spoke against the one minority which does not tolerate any other minority once it is a majority.

Thus, "minorities of all kinds" is correct once you factor that in.

Yea, am talking about "birds" from the Hitchcock's movie, the Birds. Nothing else. you know those Birds flying in the sky? Yea, that is what I am talking about. Look at what they did in the movie; those birds.

Pundit: Left's election result 'catastrophic'

Once again.

Catastrophic for the left? (Yes. Deservedly so)

Catastrophic for Finland? (Why?)

Two candidates from the left got 14% of the votes in total. I repeat: Two candidates. But the Finns candidate, Soini, who got 10% by himself, when his voters do not want to see him as a president with no powers but a prime minister who can do something, is the sign of the end of the "love affair"?

This is partisan journalism, nothing else.


Note the grouping of left in the next news:

Finland to choose between liberal and conservative in second round

The second round of Finland’s presidential election will be a battle between
conservatives and liberals, with Finland’s political left unrepresented.

Liberal not left? (in some point in history that may have been true)

Green party not left?

That is like calling Jesus a Roman Emperor.

If there is one in the socialist pact, it is the Greens.

If there is one playing by the communist's bible, it is the Greens.

If there is one supported by the (funnily pro-big-daddy-state) Antifa thugs, it's the Greens.

Hell, the God of Greens is Marx,

And the left is not represented?

You shitting me?

The left’s absence from the second round is unprecedented, with voters left
without a straight left-right choice for the first time.
Because, Green is a colour, not a political side?

”There is not a pure bourgeois versus socialist configuration,” said Pernaa.
“Now the battle is for the working class soul, in that neither Niinistö nor
Haavisto is a candidate working class voters can relate to.”

Guess which books out pundit reads?

Where his allegiance lies.

An ideology that has managed to kill more workers than any other ideology, in the name of workers.

“Niinistö is bourgeois and more conservative,” said Pernaa. “City-dwellers,
liberals, greens and those who swear by tolerance.

Intending to mean that Niinistö is intolerant.

Intending to mean that tolerance it the ultimate good, and end on itself.

I tell one thing,

In this socialized system, in this ueber-tolerant system (that tolerates everything except ones that stand up against real intolerance),

If these people get even more power, we are all f¤¤ked.

Once someone told that "Democracies (universal suffrage)are voting yourself to someone else's money"; a view that I fully believe in;

And as things grow, democracy has turned into voting yourself into voluntarily oblivion, voting your children to be countryless.

...Tolerance as the end of all... Fucking idiots. Assuming from their high seats of "We are better human beings", thinking all cultures are same and equal, that tolerance is a universally accepted and cherished idea, as an end by itself... It will be an end by itself.

The end.

"But i felt good, to sing kumbayya"

The end.

"But I was tolerant, and I sang kumbayya"

The end.

he end.

e end.







  1. We get the same thing here in the US, with our media trying to de-legitimize Ron Paul.

  2. That is also a good smear campaign going on, with the emphasis of ridicule, mainly because they know it is very difficult to outlogic that guy on most of the issues. So, instead of the issues, make the guy look like a lunatic.