Saturday, January 14, 2012

Leaders of the Lemmings

Somewhere in West Europe

In the news, the first item was,

"Germany is reducing the strength of its army. Government says any direct threat through the borders in implausible, so the need to keep a big army does not exist anymore." Forget for a second that any army any EU country right now has is comparable to a joke. See: What happened last year in the mediterranean sea..

The second item was,

"The US is going into a xx billion dollar reduction in its army budget. Obama (who possibly will go down history as the US's Nero) said that there is no need to fight wars on two fronts anymore." Forget for a second that the East Coast is one front, and the West Coast is another; in the possible future, the European borders will be a third.

I am not in favor of the Iraq war, not am I in favor of the Afghani war (both which will in the end benefit China who laughs at the notion of (also its) other peoples' rights or ethics whatever.

So while these Lemming Leaders were saying that the Age of War is over and we are entering an Age of Dialogue;

Iran's leader declared that he has 50.000.000 martyrs ready to die for the cause;
China is increasing its army budget geometrically;
Russia is following,
The Pakistanis and Indians are waiting for a legit reason to unleash millions of footsoldiers;
Africa is, well, busy hunting pygmies because their flesh gives supernatural powers in war.
(I am too lazy to go fact hunting for numbers and statistics... as they do not matter as much as the suicidal ideology of the west)

The EU, the US?

"No threat; we will sing kumbayya"

Let's change EU and US into ELU and USL; European Lemmings Union, and United States of Lemmings, as we; following our leaders, are happily walking down the cliff...

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