Sunday, January 15, 2012

When diverstiy means exotic food...

Somewhere in West Europe;

"And then I turned the corner to see VibrantArea... Wow... One block from the main street and I felt I left Germany" one said;

Immediately a reply came:
"Yea, lovely.. Yummy... A lot of good food"

This was the multicultist's response to "I felt I left Germany", about VibrantArea.

Not the extremely high crime rate,
Not the occasions of car burning,
Not the occasions of public property and vehicle vandalism,
Not the occasions of attacks on firefighters, emergency personnel, etc,
Not the police afraid to enter the area,
Not the rampant car thefts, assaults, robberies,
Not the fact that without that area the metropole's crime rate would plummet;


Yummy, good food.

The west is utterly f¤¤ked.

When diversity is relegated to just being about food, it shall come as no surprise that your grandchildren one day will be relegated to being food on a diversified dinner table.

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