Friday, January 27, 2012

One question about illegals; and an interesting wordplay of the stinky as usual media

Russians bringing West Africans into Finland illegally?

Read the title, then read the quotes. I mixed up the order of the quotes.


Last September, the Border Guard of South Eastern Finland apprehended two Ivoirians who arrived on the Allegro train at the Vainikkala border crossing point in Lappeenranta. Their passports contained forged visas and Greek residence permits. A third Ivoirian immigrant was detained separately. They have since applied for asylum in Finland.

One question to the human rightists:

These people decided to break the laws of the target country before even having entered it.

What does that say about the prediction of their future behavior or intent?

Will entering Finland suddenly change a law breaker into a law abiding person?

And since you, the human rightists will be up and ready, fully armed with rhetoric to save these souls,

I want to ask you,

What about us, the law abiding immigrants? The working immigrants who are not parasiting off the system, who are not asking the host culture to adapt to us, the ones who do not show up on police or perpetual welfare statistics?

What wrong did we ever do to you that our rights are not worth dogcrap to you?

Are we not vibrant enough?

Is our non-vibrancy actually bad because us not making it to the statistics undermine your funding and feel good ideology?

A Rwandan-born Russian citizen who arranged the trips was arrested a few days later on suspicion of aggravated arrangement of illegal immigration. He was detained when he tried to leave Finland

Why does the title then not say "Russia based criminal gang", "Criminal New-Russians" etc, but says "Russians"?

I am aware that the Russians will not let anybody run an illegal operation without their consent, but the officials did not catch an Ivan, did they?

Is this not undeserved racial profiling against the ethnic Russians when already they got stamped on the stereotype of being criminals?

Or, is it ok for Russians to be stereotyped, because their race is not a protected one?

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