Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Smelly Socialism: Money for welfare, no money for police

A smelly media post, but media did nothing smelly this time. 

Say what you will, Thatcher was right, "Socialism lasts until your run out of someone else's money", that is until you bleed everyone dry in name of your social policies.

This just in:

Police cannot guarantee citizens' safety due to savings pressures

As much as I distrust media, politicians, socialists, multi cultists etc, that same distrust does not extend to the police. Due to their life on the streets, they are faced with reality, which is not pc diverse multikulti kumbayya.

I for one feel safer when I see a police car, nowadays 3 - 4 in a row, in a city whose face has changed in the past years.

The police can no longer guarantee the safety of all citizens across the country, warns National Police Commissioner Mikko Paatero. While increased savings pressures have cut police resources, violent crime is on the rise. 

Damn Finns... They must be getting more violent every passing day. 
The National Police Commissioner was speaking on YLE TV 1 Ykkösaamu morning television show.
According to Paatero, police work is being undermined by the need to save money. 
 And two days ago in the news was the article that the childcare needed more money.

I bet you a month's salary that the childcare (child indoctrination institute) will get the money.

But the police? The guys who put their life in the line? Nope, they get no money. They are racisssss anyway. Just look at their arrest records... Bloody racissssss's... Don't they know that singing kumbayya works better than jail bars?

Because, as you know security is a social construct.

Thus, having festivals like "Celebrate Diversity" will indeed lower crime.

Also the politic group and the social sciences will soon change the words. Like, "Assault" will turn into "Accidental fist connection to the nose"...

Everything is relative.

Police unemployment

The new government program aims to cut police funding by 10 million euros over the next five years. Due to the cuts, the police force will decrease by about 200 police every year.

Police stations to be closed

Paatero also sees many police stations closing due to increased savings pressures.
You got to keep in mind, this is a big number for a small country...

Welcome the hellhole where you got free medical care, but are dead.

When the criminals know there is no danger... there is danger for the non-criminal.

But hey, the social scientists have no problem. Once they introduce newspeak about crime, we will have no crime. Only houses that were shared, bodies that were shared, and wallets that were shared.

Violent crime on the rise

While savings pressures are forcing police to cut their operations, crime levels in Finland are growing.

According to as of yet unpublished crime statistics, violent crime has gone up a staggering 20 percent from the previous year. Crimes against property have also increased.

Paatero finds the increase in violent crime especially worrying. The National Police Commissioner sees some of the violence as stemming from social marginalisation, which he singles out as the biggest threat to internal security.
Very grim numbers,

On the last sentence, I disagree. For the same sentence I am also aware that him saying what I am saying would be a swift end to his long career.

The biggest threat to security is the left liberal pc policies of not profiling,

And what if the marginalisation happens because the marginals have no interest in non-marginalisation? The society has give more than most of the world's countries to the "marginals", it is time to look for blame where it lies.

The progressive policies of socialism have eroded security,
Sadly, this erosion of security will call for more state,
More state will suck more out of security.
We will end up with a welfare shithole.
Where you can raise a family on government dole, but cannot guarantee the working man's security on his way back from work.
Non-producing are welfared, the producing are dead. 

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