Thursday, January 19, 2012

When fathers have to be supervised.... -Smelly Media-

... is another sign that the system is the enemy of men.

This notion that fathers are dangerous for children goes against most of the child abuse studies that show mothers are equally or (way) more capable of dishing out abuse to their children as fathers are.

Oh, why I say this supervision is meant to supervise visiting fathers:

1. Even if the law talks about equal custody, mothers get the custody 90% of the time.
Yes, in this "one of the most gender equal societies", a man that I know got the custody of his child after three years of court battles only after the mother was caught for the zillionth time, doing drugs; and many more cases where the mother is on welfare and has the kids, and has moved to some other town. That the father is a sane, healthy, working man does not bother the equalist laws. Where some are apparently more equal than others.

2. If this supervision was to watch mothers, already our president would be up declaring that this is unacceptable, and we need to end this discrimination; holding hands with all the leftie femmie organizations that there is. The silence of the crickets tells us that this is not about mothers.

Supervised visitation grows into business

In Helsinki, monitored family visits have become a lucrative business for firms stepping into fill the void left by under resourced social welfare units.

Where there is a demand, there will be supply. Even vultures satisfy a demand.

So there is a demand. Once again, from known behavior, the demand comes from the ladies.

What does that mean?

Means, mothers willingly deny a child the private bonding time with the father because of their personal grudge (Exceptions exist); while most of the time shacking up with some other dude who has more interest in fucking than fathering.

Mother? or Cunt? (Exceptions exist)

Backlogs stemming from a lack of case workers have sent parents to seek out private visitation providers.

"Parents" = mothers.

If fathers were the ones seeking supervision, we would have a war against this partner (seperated?) abuse done by father.

Of course YLE as it does most of the time, is once again playing with words, but let's see what this demand means for the family finances:

At an hourly rate of 85 euros, parents in Helsinki’s Malmi district can contract Mental Capital Care. Paying out of pocket has not deterred parents, according to Petu Tapio, who heads the company.


Mother demands, father pays.

85 effing euros for seeing your kid, some of the time added to the costs of driving hundreds of kilometers for a two day visit... Money that could be payed to buy a present for the kid, or money that could be put into an education fund.

Way to go ladies, way to go.

Sacrificing your children's future because you cannot have a child bond with its father in private.

If this is not abuse through control freakery, what is it?

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