Saturday, January 14, 2012

The west will die, most of it suicide

No, not the part, or the suicide, the mainstream wants you to believe..

Somewhere in West Europe

On a dinner table with people dear to me. We have visitors, and the chat is going fun,

Until the beggars in the street are mentioned. There are not locals, they are from some other European country that has gotten access to lax border controls and now is importing organized begging around Europe. Here in Finland we also have the problem, and even if Finns voiced their concerns about this, the politicians and the Amnesty Shitternationals declared these voices as racist and silenced them.

Then the conversation turns into how the local street musicians and artists have been driven away by these begging gangs and their musician relatives.

Our visitors were listening, nodding their heads, but being the ultra liberal, immigrant friendly, leftist, multicultist (also hard working and honest; credit where it is due) sheeple, did not say much, until someone at the table mentioned pickpocketing.

Being from a big town, that prides itself as the multiculti haven, the lady let loose; with no other person interrupting:

"Pickpocketing is so bad, now we have police patrols every few meters."

"But its worse with theft, and burglary"

"Yes, they come with buses, rob houses and leave the next day"

"They use children who can climb though the smallest cracks and anyway if they are caught, the police can't do much, as they are juvenile"

"They entered this old lady's place, could not be caught"

"It's so bad... bla bla... more police... bla bla... whaaaa whaaaaa"

At some point, I really wanted to ask her, "Why don't we just increase the border controls for that country that is a net exporter (edited from importer)  of crime, then?", but I shut up for the sake of the people dear to me.

See, some time ago, the same lady went gaga when on the topic of immigrant welfare kings&queens; that how come we cannot understand their plight and that (these) immigrants are a net benefit to the country... She gagaed for an hour on how the west needs to be more tolerant etc. So I did not want to put my dear ones in the target reticule due to their association with me, and me asking that obviously racist question.

An obvious racist question that  only asks: Why not have a functioning border.

Now, one may see me making a mistake by not taking a stand. I do not. Some people are hopeless in their "feel good" suicidal ideology, and these people are better left unstirred. I talk to people I know are receptive, or could be receptive, and this happens to be a lot of people.

Even a girl saying "The kebab people have it very difficult here" can be wakened up by explaining that many kebab restaurants change hands within the family every two years to get that 10.000 euro entrepreneurship start up fund for cousin number 14, and pointed towards the 100.000 euro BMWs bought by selling 4 euro kebabs, and the information that the government is turning a blind eye towards tax evasion because "At least they are not on welfare"... (well, few cousins behind the counter for sure are)

But these people on the table, they were hopeless.

They knew what is best for Europe.

And that is not Europeans.

In the idiotic PC infested cancerous west, they are called progressives, I am called racist.

Sadly, even if I see light at the end of the tunnel, the tunnel is a red hot scorching pipe through hell.

And the pipe was laid there in the name of "progress so we feel good about ourselves".

Interesting times ahead.


  1. Hi, the right word would be exporter, Finland is the importer of crime in this case.

  2. Hi, the right word would be exporter, Finland is the importer of crime in this case.