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Control the words, control the vote; media guiding the sheeple

Spotlight on Finland's 2012 presidential election

Should read

Guiding light for the sheeple on Finland's 2012 presidential election

Let's see:

In the decisive second round of the Finnish presidential election on February
5, Pekka Haavisto of the Green League is challenging long-time frontrunner
Sauli Niinistö of the conservative National Coalition Party (NCP). Both can
be seen as representing the pro-EU, affluent, urban elite of southern
Finland, leaving many voters without a candidate they can firmly support. So
who are these men and what are the real differences between them?
The news outlet, in light of its previous writings is talking of course about the proletariat having no candidate to vote for.

Of course, the proletariat had two candidates to vote for, but that is conveniently ignored.

What is also ignored is the people who never had a candidate, or had their candidate under attack by the media; the non-PC crowd:

Here are some people who are also missing a vote:

The ones who think Finland is not a "Schlaraffenland" that should distribute its hard earned wealth with a mass of unassimilables, unintegratables, unemployable and uneducatables. The only candidate who would be representing them had a legendary counter-campaign run against him from whole media, politic bodies and social institutions. And he got 10%.

The ones who think that state and state protected corporate monopoly should be broken up through competition.

The ones who think that a welfare state in a country of 5 million running on 2.500.000 million working age people, out of whom 250.000 are unemployed and 250.000 are in early retirement/disabled retirement/psychological retirement cannot continue. 

The ones who think in any way (bit more) other than PC MC diktats have no candidate. Screw candidate, they have no free speech.

Haavisto: In registered partnership with Ecuadorian-born hairstylist Nexar
Antonio Flores since 2002. First openly gay presidential candidate.
Just like there will be people voting for him because a gay president will make Finland look good; there will be people voting against him because he is gay. As a coincidence, the people I know on facebook who were supporting Obama just because he is black are the same people who support Haavisto. Just a little observation. 

The important stuff:
Key issues

Niinistö: Fiscal austerity, lower taxation, competitiveness, EU
unity. Believes the presidential right to pardon prisoners should be revoked
and that stronger action should be taken against illegal strikes. Questions
the right of same-sex couples to marry. Considered to be pro-EU and

Haavisto: Conflict resolution, tolerance, the environment,
gender-neutral marriage. Favours a strong EU, firmly opposes Finnish NATO
Let's translate:

Niinistö: Hard choices that may give some chance to future generations, letting the productive have more of what they earned instead of Robin Hooding it into the black hole of welfare (note: they will never touch the taxes of the elite),  EU unity ueber alles. Presidential pardon of prisoners is of no interest to me, no translation; illegal strikes are illegal, and in a country with unions stronger than God, at least something should be left for the state to do. Am not sure about the gay couples marrying. What next? Adoption of male gay couples when we let fathers rot alone in their home when a bitter mother is involved. Pro-EU (we're screwed), Pro-Nato (at least he thinks that when one day China decides to walk, and Russians choose the east over west,  something shall be done against it.

Haavisto: Kumbayya, kumbayya, kumbayya, gays want to suffer through divorce, it is their right, strong EU (translator input error...), when Chinese decide to walk and the Russians decide to join them, we will stay at the borders, light some incense sticks and sing Kumbayya.

What is more interesting is what the media portrays as other important issues:

"Gay couples should have the right to marriage, not just registered

Niinistö: Somewhat disagree.
Haavisto: Completely agree.
Seriously, who the fuck cares? Marriage is dead.

Foreign woman, finnish man: 30% divorce rate
Finnish woman, finnish man: 50% divorce rate
Finnish woman, foreign man: 70% divorce rate

Children to unmarried mothers through the roof, single motherhood state encouraged,

And I am to care about gay getting married? Hell, let them suffer like straight men suffer through divorce and all, can't care a bit.

And this is the important topic?

"Rescuing the planet requires giving up on the goal of constant growth."

Niinistö: Somewhat disagree.
Haavisto: Completely agree.
Finns were 3 million in 1910... 5 million in 2010... now that is some growth.

If Haavisto is talking about places where mothers are breeding faster than rabbits, yes, I agree. But, he is not.

Fuck me if I am curtailing my already low consumption when some man somewhere is making 15 kids when he can't feed 1.

"The president should more strictly demand that China respect human
rights, even if it would harm economic ties."

Niinistö: Somewhat disagree.
Haavisto: Completely agree.

It won't harm economic ties, it will make things a bit more just. You can't have a free market when one side is regulated to death, and the other is subsidized to be totally free.

You either need to deregulate the regulated to death part, and let it breathe, or regulate the worker killing environment destroying, colonizing side.

"The president's spouse should have a visible role in society."

Niinistö: Agree somewhat.
Haavisto: Completely disagree.

Yes, our third biggest issue...
Well, I,for one, want to know who my president chose (or was able to get) for a relationship.

"Finland will be a more difficult place for today's youth to succeed
than it was for their parents."

Niinistö: Somewhat disagree.
Haavisto: Completely agree.
One thing is for sure, the grandparents worked like dogs to make this place, the parents worked like dogs to make this place but voted the socialists and the Kumbayya chorus in, so will the youth work? Be able to work? Be able to make a difference? Or just sit back, sing Kumbayya, roll a joint, and open the welfare check?

"A president should be prepared to give up on his or her privacy."

Niinistö: Agree somewhat.
Haavisto: Completely disagree.
Same as above.
a president's private life is important if the same man/woman in the same suit/dress is supposed to lead a country.

So, after the president's own declarations of important topics, which can be summed up as

N: "Something needs to be done"
H: "Kumbayya";

The media tells us about the most important factors:

Gay marriage
Environmentalism and west's sacrifice
China's human rights (not environment?...)
President's spouse
Jobs for youth compared to their parents' when they were young
President's private life.

Maybe they should have added what the candidates think about the sex tapes from the Finnish Big Brother Show, would make a nice fitting addition.

In the end, the whole election is about

A man who was married to Miss Finland, only to marry another;
A man who is gay.

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