Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sister sister friend...

Girl looks at me. I look at girl. Gorgeours girl with white skin, black hair and shiny red lipstick.

"Who are you?" I ask
"I know you" she says

We forget about that. We chat. She has a boyfriend, but who cares, that kind of girl smiling and flirting with you is advertisement even for a God.

Some time later, after me showing a friend of hers telling her to introduce her to me..

"Do you know Jenny?" she asks... The name does not ring a bell.

"Ok. Ok. I know. Do you know Pamela" she asks... I think for a minute
"The curly one?"
"Yes yes. I knew I knew you"
"Small town eh" I say.

Pamela... ahh Pamela.. See, RedLips met me few years back when I was shamelessly hitting on Pamela; a night that is in my top ten drunk nights.

I am shamelessly hitting on Pamela, she is apparently enjoying and flirting back, when suddenly, during the chat, Pamela stops:

"Do you know Andrea"
"Andrea who?"
"Andrea this"
"...Yea...good girl"
"She's my big sis"

Had I not given her full info on where I am from, the sis flags would be flying on my balcony.

RedLips: "Do you know Pamela" when I am after RedLips,
Pamela: "Do you know Andrea" when I am after Pamela
Andrea: "And I was wondering when you'd come and talk to me"...

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