Wednesday, November 09, 2011

500th post, introducing the category Joys of Diversity

I was going to write a longer post on this introduction, but I will do that later; I just noticed I had my 499th post up. And today marked the day when I openly posted on the paid for by my taxes Enricher Invasion, the Vibrant Takeover, powered by my taxes;

The Vibrating into Oblivion,
The Enriching into Nothingness

In short, the Joys of Diversity.

Previously I had posted to facebook some soft version, but now I used the definitive words when renaming my favorite coffee places/pubs, that were taken over by vibrants who somehow have the time and money in their hands to sit in one place for hours, and move to the next, for hours; day in day out.

Coming out to the public is a big thing in this day of "free speech as long as it is the party line";

So, it was fit to introduce this new category; which will be based purely on my observations and my chats with people.

See, they claim vibrancy is all and good; but this is what happens when the vibration synchronizes:

That's vibrancy to you...

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