Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Smelly Media: Confessing that intelligence exists

Futures Committee puts super-smart kids first

Top middle and high school students should be given room to shine, says Parliament’s Committee for the Future. Fast-tracking the brightest pupils into more challenging academic programmes is a break from the Finnish educational tradition to not push gifted students ahead of everyone else.

So, in effect, they are saying that some students are smarter than others?

Damn... End of world must be soon.

The Finnish educational tradition, educating all well educated kids, but losing out on the genies.

Who did not have these few slow kids in school? With fewer geniuses?

You would have ten teachers spend every waking hour to make these slow students learn the ABC, while the kid in the back was ridiculed for being able to read Shakespeare.

You would have ten teachers spend resources so that these two monkeys who would only read the sports section could be monkeys who could also read the daily news section.

Having one suitable teacher spend a fraction of the amount of time on a genius could turn the Shakespeare reading kid into a Shakespeareesque writer, having ten teachers spend a fraction of amount could turn ten kids like that into the future bright minds carrying the country to the next generation.

But we cannot have that.


Because we are all equal.

Because intelligence is a social construct.

Because allotting resources to geniuses that would yield a hundred maybe thousand fold return would mean two monkeys got left behind, and that is not equal.

Because, monkeys were not born, they were socially constructed.

So, the genius sits in the back of the class, bored to death, and may even be punished for reading the New Scientist instead of the ABC he learned when he was 3.

When all are equal, all are equal at the lowest common denominator.

The committee says kids who have a gift for math or other subjects should be given similar opportunities for enrichment as pupils talented in music or sports.


Music is a talent. So it is having a talent.

Sports is about the physique, the talent. You got them, good for you.

If you are intelligent, on the other hand, you having that makes the other pupils stupid. You arrogant little rascal. Go stand in the corner, shame on you.

Things are changing, I believe people are throwing away the shackles of the PC tyranny, even if it is due to economic necessity. And this may be the first step:

Intelligence is not a social construct.

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