Saturday, November 12, 2011

Joys of Diversity: Give peace no chance

After a long time I had a bodyweight training, devastated. Left the gym, was walking towards the market, totally minding my own business, listening to another excellent audiobook.

Then I see those two hateful eyes looking at me. O thought, whatever, I must be mistaken, I am just walking here; in that instant the like of sight was broken by two early Friday drunks walking by me.

Seconds later there was the line of sight and those two evil eyes belonging to an enriching vibrant young shithead were trying to stare me down. The hatred and the vile thoughts were oozing out like mama comes out of a volcano. To a simple random passerby.

I don't stare away, but I also do not turn my head more than 90 degrees to stare down some piece of Shit. So the contest ended when I passed.

Since I am familiar with this kind of person, I was Damn happy that his wolf pack was not present. Would have ended bad for me.

See, I was walking, listening to the failures of socialism, when I noticed the attempt to intimidation. It came out of nowhere, out of no reason, except it being modus operandi for this extensive group of cultural enrichers.

The interesting part is that besides somehow having the money and time to hang out in town 24/7, they also have the backing of the Amnesty Int'n'l.

If he would have attacked me, what they are known to do, and the police would have investigated, the Shitnesty International would be there claiming the oppression of a poor soul, and us not understanding him.

If I would manage to inflict harm upon self defense, this time the Shitnesty International would again be rallying, this time for my persecution, because I am an evil racist who does not allow himself go down without a fight.

This is not an isolated incident, as the future posts of JoD will tell. And it is not isolated to me. Hell, bars, coffees, pubs have gone bankrupt because Finn voted with their feet.

A once peaceful country that I would happily walk the streets of is on the verge of being turned down into the bleepholes which the poor oppressed where running away from, but were not willing to leave behind.

And the interesting thing is that, chosen people making me and others live through this is accepted under the "all cultures are good" mantra, but saying that this is not acceptable has been turned into a crime worse than beating one to pulp or raping a girl together with your band of brothers.

Strange times indeed.

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