Monday, November 07, 2011

Proud to buy the village cycle

She smiled, I smirked.

"Hello" she said,
"Hi" I said, "Not working tonight, I see"
"Yes, no work. Party"
"Cool" I say, noticing that something is off with her vibe.

Could it be? Could it just be?

Could it be that the Lotsa Cocka girl found the man who would stimulate her brain? She had mentioned that the men she is happily being a groupie for, were great in bed but not much fun talking to. Guess, when you are a groupie target, having more than two braincells is not a criteria.

So I thought, dig deep, boy,

"Do I get the impression that you have found yourself a boyfriend?" I ask,
"My boyfriend" she says, holds out her hand to a tall handsome dude who was rushing to protect his territory. Damn. No time to even drill the surface.

I had not talked more than thirty seconds with the girl, and he popped out of nowhere. Proud in the face, hugging the girl to give me the message.

I smirked.

I felt like telling,

"Dude, that territory has been defiled by a herd of buffalos"
"Dude, the ship you are trying to anchor has provided free shipment to uncountable ports"
"Dude, you just bought the court cycle"
"Proud or not, wrap it well"
"When you give her the ring, do not invite the guys who gave her the rim"....

Of course, it is not my business.

A world where the public cycle gets a valued as a brand new Mercedes SLS...,

Makes you smile when you are on the mountain biking side of the equation.

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