Thursday, November 10, 2011

I am a Grrrrl, hear me splash

5.30 PM; pitch black dark; an unusual fog with a visibility of a hundred meters, so dense that you feel you are inhaling water.

I am on foot, approaching a crossing, there is a guy waiting on the other side, and a woman cyclist on my side; the lights are red.

Since I do jaywalk, I check the situation, there is an SUV coming from the left.

Then I see the two young women, 17-20, on the other side. They look left, they look right, they see the SUV and they step slowly on the street. The car has green.

Do they run? Do they stop? None. They continue jaywalking slowly. I see the SUV break, the girls look at the SUV and slowly continue their walk.

This was a four lane street, not one. There was fog and it was dark.

The fact that these girls did not think twice about the approaching SUV tells me about the current state of grrrrl pwwrrrr....

Invisible, till they get plastered on the street like a tomato.

This is not the first time I see this. Must be the third or fourth time this year I have witnessed this entitlement. And those times I saw this behavior, it was girls doing it. Last year some b%tch decided she has right of passage on a zebra crossing (they don't in Finland), when it was snowing, the street was covered with two cents of icy snow, it was dark, I was driving at the speed limit. She decided when I was like 5 meters to the crossing. Had I breaked, I would have run her over. Split second decision, I evaded, and she was shouting behind me; instead of thanking her Gods that she does not have her head on my hood.

Do I jaywalk? I do. Not when a car is coming.

Do boys jaywalk? They do. If a car comes, they run.

Do girls jaywalk? They also do; but they believe Mother Grrlll Power will make cars stop. Until the one that does not stop.

What if they were plastered by the car?

Would I feel bad for the piglets strutting across a busy street at red with the attitude of Princess Marionette.

What I would feel is a lesson in jaywalking.

And since I know the driver did no wrong, I would be a witness for the driver saying he (it was a he) had green, the girls had red, the car had lights, the girls had no reflectors, it was dark, it was foggy, the driver was in the speed limit of 40kmh, and they saw the driver coming.

The dimsels would have paid for their stupidity of thinking that a 2 ton vehicle driving at 40kmh would magically stop for the queen piglets; and there would be no reason to make the driver pay for this stupidity.

But this is what you get with generations of "Grrrrlll Pwwwwwrrr 101" courses instead of "Basics of how to be a human"

I still shudder at the attitude of those two girls walking like beauty queens with their love handles two orders heavier than their ass and breasts combined...  Least they could do is acknowledge their Ms. Piglet status'. I know I know.. Expecting too much. 

The issue here is not Grrrls vs SUVs,

The issue is that this attitude has reached the tipping point,

And soon instead of "I'm a grrrrl, hear me rrrrooooaaarrr", it will be "I'm a girl hear me r... hey why is not anybody paying attention... I am rrrrroarrriiiinggg... ah, a big bad wolf?!!?? help... help.... heeeeeellllppppppp"

The male crickets will be chirping, chirp chirp.

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