Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Smelly Media: Fear of the crippling flu shot

Narcolepsy fears could taint views on flu jabs.

Seasonal flu vaccinations are already underway in many municipalities, but health centres fear that many people will choose to go without due to the recent scandal over the swine flu vaccine’s links to narcolepsy.

I am going without the flu shot.

Funny. The H1N1 shot was confirmed to have immense side effects, but that is not the problem mentioned.

The problem is people have fear from the shot.

"Don't fear narcolepsy, I say. Because I say"

In the meantime,

Vitamin D was once again warned about.

The strongest pill here is like 400I.U.;

The guessed at toxic dose lies at 100.000 I.U. taken daily, over months, and then it is only a possible risk.

But hey, be careful about taking too much Vitamin D!!! You may not get sick!!! Oh oh.. The tragedy.

Calculate: You need to pop 250  pills a day for months to be under possible risk.

So, a public warning was issued in the newspaper.

In contrast to:

Public health services worry that even people belonging to risk groups might miss out because of narcolepsy concerns.

"People just forget the excellent scare campaign we pulled over your eyes, and got a number of you done for the rest of your life, for a non-threatening round of flu... Oh, stay away from sunlight and Vitamin D."

While the seasonal flu jab comes with the H1N1 vaccine this time as well, it does not feature the agent suspected of causing narcolepsy, says the city of Oulu’s chief physician, Tero Heikkinen.

Last time they said the vaccine is perfectly safe.

Screwed people.

Now they say they removed the "suspected agent", so, they have no f&cking clue.

What is this if not this one man's plausibly deniable warning to the people to stay the hell away from the flu shot?

“I would say that the fear is certainly baseless, in the sense that problems with narcolepsy should not, in all likelihood, emerge in connection with this vaccine,” Heikkinen says.

That's what they said for the H1N1 vaccine... But they were not right.

Sorry, the vaccine industry lost the credibility due to last year's stunt.

I'll be taking my Vit D, taking my sauna and iceswimming. I am taking my chances.

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