Monday, November 21, 2011

Wife starts salsa. Start preparing for the divorce.

I do not meet this friend often, nor do we call.

But friend I call him. Is very good in what he does. International connections that respect him. Has a brain on steroids, has charm that would make Casanova look like a tree trunk, handsome in his own way, a very good conversationalist, has built a good network.

Last time I heard he was building up a company as a side job.

Married to a good looking academic chick, going on holidays, spending time with her, while managing to spend adequate time on the company and his main job.

In the end, a man whom I hold in very high regard.

"F%ck man. This is JohnnyRegards's wife.. Ex-wife" he said
"Dude, she is dancing in front of you"

Then I see her.

The woman whom I last knew as the wife of this man, dancing with a slimy a$$ latino midget.

Then I learn that she started salsa some time ago. And divorced the husband not long time after, for this.

Had this been the first occasion that I had heard of, I'd be surprised. I was one story after many already told.

One thing I learned: If wife starts salsa, you sell everything and move the money to the Caymans.

Before I close, about the topic of latinos, if you are a latino (or hispanic?) in Finland, for example civilized like Spanish, or exotic like Cuban, you are single, not gay, and horny, and can't get laid by a new girl every week, go hang yourself.

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  1. I have seen this as well, where a wife drags her husband to salsa dance lessons. From there, she really gets into the dance scene, and the husband fades away, probably staying home, while wife goes "out".

    That said, I don't think salsa dance is very efficient for pickup because the clubs are too loud to talk. Club noise is a c*ck block. The less efficient it is, the better, because the customers keep going back week after week, forking over money, hoping to make a connection.